Posted : 2016-03-09 16:32
Updated : 2016-03-09 23:37

AlphaGo defeats top-ranked Lee Se-dol in historic go match

Lee threw in the towel after 186 moves

By Lee Han-soo, Park Si-soo

Google's artificial intelligence program, AlphaGo, defeated top-ranked go player Lee Se-dol in the first round of the much-hyped five-game match in Seoul, Wednesday.

The win sent a shock wave through the go world, AI experts and ordinary people, many of whom believed a human would prevail over AI in the extremely complex ancient board game.

The long-awaited match started with Lee Se-dol as black and AlphaGo as white.

Lee was defeated in the end as the initial expectation that he would have the upper hand did not eventuate.

Lee played an aggressive and unconventional game as he tried to look for AlphaGo's weaknesses. But AlphaGo quickly caught up with Lee's advance and seemed unshaken. Appearing surprised by AlphaGo's attack, Lee took time to rethink his next move.

The game seemed to turn to Lee's favor when AlphaGo made some inexplicable mistakes. Commentators could not explain why AlphaGo made the moves.

Lee, famous for not losing his chance to win, pushed on for victory. But AlphaGo's early moves and Lee's unconventional game play and mistakes led him into Lee throwing in the towel after 186 moves.

AlphaGo's victory was a huge surprise because many expected Lee to win easily.

During the press conference held after the game Demis gave huge respect to Lee and said he was really pleased with how AlphaGo worked.

"Lee pushed AlphaGo's limit to the end throughout the game," added David Silver the leader of the AlphaGo project.

"I never thought I would lose, but I am so surprised that I did. I believe that the reason for my defeat was my mistakes during the beginning. Even then I never thought I would lose, but AlphaGo played so well," Lee said.

Many are even wondering if AlphaGo's mistakes were actual mistakes or a plan to win the end game.

The next match will be held tomorrow at 1 p.m. (KST) and now the tide has turned as people are wondering if Lee can defeat AlphaGo.

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