igrow, upwards,

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garden tended by Daniele Garella and Juan Estaban Sandoval

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Plus de Croissance, un capitalisme idéal

DOUBT AS FORM                Charlie Jeffery 2012

How might DOUBT constitute a machine for producing

DOUBT as motor for production of form

The formation of DOUBT through physical manifestation

FORMS as crystillisations  of DOUBT

FORMS that are in and of themselves DOUBTFUL

DOUBTLESSNESS is an ERROR that may not lead anywhere

DOUBT as a means of invention

FORMS that manifest DOUBT in the receiver, in the observer, in the on looker

FORMS that set in motion a chain of DOUBT

DOUBT as a means of forming objects

FORM as a means of producing DOUBT

DOUBT as a means of forming objects in physical materials

FORM as a means of producing DOUBT in physical experience

FORM as the ongoing materialisation  of the continuing persistance of DOUBT

This Manifesto (if it is one) is subject to change, and remains both incomplete and unstable



A slip of the hand and the unforeseen, the unplanned comes into being

An Unfortunate event leads to unexpected discovery

Allowing ERROR to exist in it’s own right

Identifying when ERROR occurs and allowing it to flourish

Opening the door to ERROR and its possible consequences both foreseeable and unforeseeable

Allowing ERROR to control, in order to set in motion its own logic, pattern, sequences

Having the  ability to see ERROR when it occurs and letting it take advantage of the situation

The difficulty of seeing ERROR

The difficulty of identifying the moment of ERROR and seizing the opportunity to allow it to take control and set in motion the opening of doors to its logic and possible/hypothetical consequences

This likewise is unfinished and rough around the edges, and perhaps betrays too much it’s own inadequacies.

Installation at La Ferme du Buisson for the exhibition: Plus de Croissance, un capitalisme idéal, curated by Julie Pellegrin

All photographs copyright Aurélien Mole


Jardin Medellin

Reception Bogota

The garden of the director

at the art school of  the university of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia

Between what is thought and what is said

Garden at Lugar a dudas Cali

Is everything a garden?

lush green with details (cali gardens)

Cali, Colombia, Lugar a dudas

The office of imaginary landscape has moved across the atlantic and I find myself in Cali staying at

http://www.lugaradudas.org/exhibiciones.htm, the name means ‘The place of doubts’, and kind of sounds like the lounge of dudes.

This is the viewpoint from the window

Office furniture

Fox glove chair


News from a laboratory

Office plants

waste ground harvest

Patchouli from Taiwan

courtesy of Sharon Cheng, this plant which she tells me is patchouli or something, now to build

a map of the office plantations around the world


open source


filing systems

shoe gardens 1


igrow, upwards,

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


garden tended by Daniele Garella and Juan Estaban Sandoval

La ronceraie atlantic

Le-Quartier-Garden sur Blog video

igrow update from Fondazione Pistoletto

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

black rectangle, there must be something going on inside

screen shot, facebook officeof imaginarylandscape


on the outer edge

La ronceraie,  made by Manuel Irles and Yann le Bail in Le Quartier in Quimper, soon to be streamed


Tomato TV


New research in the  laboratory










Waiting for everything to collapse


The study, care of Dr Dan Robinson, leeds, UK


Imaginary Sprouts (deep within Belleville, Paris)

imaginary-sprouts sur Blog video

Jardin Jeu de paume (somewhere close to the centre)

Jardin-JeudePaume sur Blog video


The office of imaginary landscape, 2011 Charlie Jeffery

Set aside a space in an office with a light source (sunlight is good/ a window)

Employ a surface or object, or combination of these

Cover or fill with earth Make humid

Find seeds or small plants (any species can be used, some may work better than others)

Embed them in the earth

Place a webcam in front of this arrangement in order to record what may happen

Water the plants and seeds as you see fit.

Continue this as long as you wish.

The video feed from the webcam will be linked to this webpage where it will be placed along side other feeds.

To quote Robert Barryʼs Art work 1970

« It is always changing.

It has order.

It doesnʼt have a specific place.

Its boundaries are not fixed.

It affects other things.

It is affected by other things.

It may be accessible but go unnoticed.

Part of it may also be part of something else.

Some of it is familiar, Some of it is strange.

Knowing of it changes it. »

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