Write Chelsea Manning

How Chelsea Manning sees herself -portrait by Alicia Neal

How Chelsea Manning sees herself -portrait by Alicia Neal (High-res version available upon request)

Thank you for supporting WikiLeaks whistle-blower US Army Private Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning! You can write her today.  As of April 23, 2014, a Kansas district judge has approved PVT Manning’s request for legal name change, and you can address your envelopes to her as “Chelsea E. Manning.”

Mail must be addressed exactly as follows:


Notes regarding this address:

  • Do not include a hash (“#”) in front of Manning’s inmate number.
  • Do not include any title in front of Manning’s name, such as “Ms.,” “Mr.,” “PVT,” “PFC,” etc.
  • Do not include any additional information in the address, such as “US Army” or “US Disciplinary Barracks.”
  • Do not modify the address to conform to USPS standards, such as abbreviating “North,” “Road,” “Fort,” or “Kansas.”
  • For international mail, either “USA” or “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” are acceptable on a separate line.

What you can send Chelsea

Chelsea Manning is currently eligible to receive mail, including birthday or holiday cards, from anyone who wishes to write. You are also permitted to mail unframed photographs.You can also send her a book, mailed directly from Amazon.com to her at the address above.

Sending funds for her prison expense account

Chelsea Manning cannot receive cash, postage stamps, or any item of value. However, you can send her a money order or cashiers check made out to “Chelsea E. Manning” and mailed to the address above. These funds will be deposited into Chelsea’s prison account. She will use this account to make phone calls, purchase stamps, and buy other small comfort items not provided by the prison.

  • Personal checks are not accepted. They will be destroyed.
  • Any money order or cashiers check made out to any name other than “Chelsea E. Manning” will be returned or destroyed.


There are restrictions on what you can send. The military will reject any mail that violates postal regulations or contains obscenity, blackmail, contraband or threats.   Any mail that is considered detrimental to security, good order, discipline, or the correctional mission of the prison will be rejected.

Mail will be returned to the sender if, in the opinion of the confinement facility, falls into any of the following categories:

  • Contains inflammatory material or advocates escape, violence, disorder or assault.
  • Directly or indirectly threatens the security, safety or order of the facility.
  • Contains coded or otherwise undecipherable language that prevents adequate review of the material.
  • Is received with “Postage Due.”
  • Contains items of contraband (including anything of any material value, including postage stamps or cigarettes).


542 thoughts on “Write Chelsea Manning

  1. I will certainly write to Bradley Manning; I have written before and will send a letter/card from time to time. I have also written to a number of people in various parts of the US Administration.

    • Would like to write to Bradley Manning . to let him know mainstream news in faraway Bulgaria , Europe are covering his story and he has friends here we all wish him his freedom back !

      • [email protected] on said:

        Hi Chelsea,
        You are a USAmerican hero. I regret that I didn’t have a fraction of your courage when I served my two tours of duty.
        In Solidarity,
        Dr. Roger Dittmann, a failed heterosexual

      • There is no bradley,.. SHE is Chelsea, if you cannot respect that then save your fuckin time and do not write, you would only hurt her.

        • Leia, please look at the date and time that person wrote the message, factor in the time it was in Bulgaria, Chelsea MAY still have been being referred to as “Bradley” you do not know so please act first with love and compassion. Not the venom that your fingertips typed. Thinking you may want to reconsider your post and offer an apology to Pepi Sabeva.

          • From the Wikipedia page used for sourcing: “On August 22, 2013, the day after sentencing, Manning’s attorney issued a press release to the Today show announcing that his client was a female, and asked that she be referred to by her new name of Chelsea and feminine pronouns.”

    • You have been on my mind for some time. Thank you for demonstrating publicly your exceptional courage. We will continue to fight for your freedom. Have a great birthday in what ever fashion you can.

    • she certainly won’t appreciate you misgendering her and it sounds like since her name has been changed and they are so strict about addresses that if you address something to bradley manning it will not reach her.

    • Chelsea Manning would appreciate if we all write out thoughts to her as the woman that she is.
      Please respect her as the beautiful brave and sensitive woman that she is.

    • I would like confirmation that Bradley Manning’s shift to a Chelsea female gender is not because of sexual and emotional abuse in both the military per se and in a military prison in particular I also would like assurance that the Chelsea abuse and imprisonment is not part of a double-speak type of game exploiting media coverage. There seems to be a curve-ball energy associated with the subject of Bradley/Chelsea Manning. I have a low profile website, The Golden River, thegoldenriver.net, in which I discuss male sexual abuse, lost boys, healthy balance in all sexuality including homosexuality, surveillance and system abuse, and more. I have a certain range of psychic or intuitive ability, miss a lot of details, would like to develop the skills to help people more. I try to be truthful with what I psychically pick up and what I am not sure of. I am concerned for Bradley/Chelsea’s well-being and fear that the gender issue is provoked or even caused by serious secretive torture. Homosexuality and feeling one’s self to be female in a male body is one thing, but if it is caused or encouraged by torture, it is another. I need to be absolutely certain Bradley is making these choices of his own free will and outside of the ream of psyops, mind control, drugs, abuse, rape and more. Thank you. Terrilyn D. Butler, Newport, Oregon.

      • Hello Terri-

        In chat-logs before Chelsea was ever arrested, she briefly tried the name “Brianna” for herself. Although she didn’t announce to the public she is Chelsea until the completion of her court-martial, she was confident in her gender-identity well before she was arrested. I hope it relieves you to know that those that know Chelsea personally (including myself), can say with 100% certainty that no outside influence has affected her gender identity.

        Please be aware that arguments of torture, etc. are often used to discount the trans community. Whereas I am certain it is not your intent to be hurtful, refusing to accept one’s identity as they’ve expressed it can cause a great deal of pain.

        Thank you for your support of Chelsea.

        Melissa, CMSN

    • I totally support this young Guy for
      Every thing he has done, & I totally
      support him 100 % there have been members
      of the US Government who commitied worse
      Crimes then this Guy and never went to

  2. I will also write to Bradley Manning to offer my support from the UK. I think it’s very sad that he is locked away like this, for whatever reason.

    I’ve also shared this link with my friends.

    • Yea, It looks like they broke him at the facility in Quantico, Virgina~*”where Bradley was subjected to torture-like (treatment)- and have him doing this “sex-Chang” thing ‘ What’s happing?

      • Please, go read about Chelsea before you start talking about all this stuff you know nothing about. Every single thing you said was incorrect. Thank you!

  3. Remember, Bradly is innocent until proven guilty. In otherwords, Bradly Manning is INNOCENT. There’s a reason he hasn’t gone to trial, they can’t prove he’s guilty of anything.

    • He’s guilty of leaking classified military information to Wikileaks. He’s not denying that. At issue is whether he should be punished for it. Jus, FYI.

      I do plan to write to PFC Manning. I’m sure it means a lot to hear from supporters, especially if he spends the rest of his life in prison.

      • Citizen Manning, will not spend the rest of his life in Jail. Change is coming, and this person will be released. Much respect to Manning. 🙂

  4. Really, it takes a lot of courage to be in his shoes. Someone had to do it. One thing I know is that non of the ones in the other side has what it takes due to vested interests and fear for what might happen to them, their future. My simpathy is with you, Lord bless you!

      • That message was posted in 2011, before Chelsea had publicly identified as Chelsea and as female. In 2011, Chelsea was publicly identified as Bradly and male. Calm yourself.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I didn’t know it was possible to do this. I’ve written a letter and our 3 yo drew him a picture to “help make him feel happy inside”. I hope it helps. Thanks to whomever made up this site to let us know!

  6. Dear Mr. Manning – I will write to you via post soon. In the meantime, know that your bravery and the pain you endured in speaking the truth…well, it will soon all be worth it. Of course, when you follow your heart and do what you know is right, there is never much matter of “what it is worth” – TRUE INTEGRITY. I am going to share your story with my children soon, when they are able to understand a bit more of what the world has been about…and I will tell them that you are a true hero. Considerations of your courage carry us all onward and, soon, the systems that hurt people will be thoroughly dismantled. Thank you for being one of the first to bravely stand up and show the truth. Please know that there are people who know how to help repair the wounds inflicted by brutal systems of violence and suppression. Onward, with Love, with Justice, and – above all – with TRUTH. Thank you.

  7. Hi Bradley.. Nelson Mandela got the same treatment from the powers that be..locked up, breaking rocks, disgraced. Now his courage is celebrated world wide and he is seen as one of the Greats. Have courage. You did a very important task.. to reveal the truth about the terrible things being done in our name. Thankyou and good luck. Rosanne

    • and guess what!! in S. Africa where there were protests from black s. africans for the way the US is an imperialist elete… many has signs speaking of drones murdering people. other signs said “Obama. Uncle Tom”!!

  8. I will be writing- It’s HORRIBLE that he’s sitting there for NO crime!! The U.S. engaged in MANY ‘illegal’ activities, and he did his country a SERVICE along with Julian Assange, in letting people know the truth! The OTHER side of war……Bradley, he is a HERO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A two-year delayed response, but from everything I’ve seen it’s female pronouns and the first name Breanna. Sad that nearly everyone, including supporters, get this wrong.

      • Bradley wishes to be referred to as Brad or Bradley until he’s able to “get to the next stage of his life.” He has indicated that he’s not interested in publicly addressing this issue. It really is that simple.

  9. This story brought tears to my eyes that someone brave enough to reveal some of the evil things that our government has been doing is sitting in prison when it’s the soldiers who open fired on the innocent civilians that deserve to be in prison. Bradley, you truly are a hero! Instead of prison, you deserve a medal. I think I will make tee shirts with your picture and it will say “Bradley Manning, one of the worlds biggest heros.” Thank you for what you’ve done:-)

  10. One more thing I forgot to add, I will be informing as many people as I can about this story. I will be urging people to check out the Bradley Manning website. However I can get the word out there to the public I will. I will start a local donation box in my state to support you as well.
    May peace and love be with you my friend:-)

  11. We should all be sending him letters. This man is a hero. He is as much a patriot as Washington, Jefferson or Franklin.
    History will show him to be a hero.

    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    George Orwell

  12. There are male & female leaders;
    there are black & white leaders;
    there are straight and gay leaders;
    now let;s have the first truly brave & honest leader…
    Bradley Manning for US President.

    • …and you really believe that when he gets ‘there’ he is going to be acting independently and divulge all the government’s covert affairs to the public!!??
      THE REALLY BRAVE AND HONEST LEADER!!?? Good Lord, I am lost.

  13. Hello Bradley, Best Wishes on your Birthday. You are one of my heroes. Our country needs many more people like you who are willing to stand up for world peace and for what is right. From John in Wisconsin.

  14. I believe death is certain, and living life is not. I believe that we do not determine the circumstances of life or the environment that we are born into, but that we choose how to influence the world around us. Although tortured and isolated, at least Bradley Manning lives life, and does so in a manner that aides the welfare of all life.

  15. I think Bradley Manning is hero to humankind. To stand up for his principles by exposing the criminal behaviour of the US forces in the helicopter raid in Baghdad and the casual attitude of the killers is heroic. This incident alone is an indictment on a war that is driven by nothing but money and strategic insecurity.
    While I understand vaguely the principles of patriotism; I feel he is a much “bigger picture” hero. All to often patriotism involves consensus thinking/mindsets, which can subsume diverse opinion and difference – let alone the “unsavoury” manifestations of patriotism. For this reason I feel it is more constructive to view Bradley Manning as an individual who acted through his own volition and moral compass to address a criminal act – regardless off “rules of engagement” etc.

  16. He only did the right thing that no one else dared to do.
    Can’t believe that anyone can call him a traitor

    cheers from Sweden

  17. Proud of your courage. I served in Vietnam and witnessed the useless death and destruction and did not have the foresight or ability to do anything about my experiences.
    The US government is on a self destruct path and taking everyone with it…

  18. You are a hero. I’m proud of what you did and proud you are an American. There are millions of people out here supporting you and sending you the best wishes. Hope, hold on, know that you are loved.

    Happy Birthday on the 17th <3

  19. Bradley Manning, you are an inspiration. Thank You! I felt a little fearful of attaching my name to anything the CIA might be monitoring, but decided to write this anyway. If Bradley can risk everthing, I can do this too. What else can we all do because of Bradley’s example?

  20. Bradley Manning, sometimes the evil is so hynas that one has to at least try to do something, we must cry out to those who might truly have compassion and concern for fellow human beings and and believed that perhaps that governing system of the U.S. would be a system that could make the world better if they knew. I appreciate that you as just a very young person should never have even put put in such a place to see these horrors, much less be responsible for continuing their evil. I am sorry that just your suspicion of wanting to care for human beings has caused the U.S. President Obama to torture you to show his cruel and unusual power over you and anyone who uses those freedoms that allow the use of the freedoms known to be all peoples inalienable rights. Thank you if you did chose not to continue to strengthen them, and if you are just being used as an example for power we are remembering you. Occupys in the U.S, knowing that 10’s of 1,000’s in prisons under the U.S. authority have not been guilty of anything, but have served to remind the U.S. citizens of the cruelty of the U.S. authority

    Wana Care Susan Hall

  21. Hey people, I sent an e-mail to this Fort Leavenworth prison. This is their reply:

    He is not being held at the United States Penitentiary Leavenworth. He was at Fort Leavenworth; however, I hear he has been moved from there.

    His current address will be there: http://www.ftmeade.army.mil/pages/contact2.html (where he is kept as a detainee).

    I called even, but I was supposed to not leave a message. I ignored it because he is there and they are responsible for him at the moment. Don’t allow yourselves to forward you just like Joseph K. was in Franz Kafka’s book.

    Please sign:

  22. I am an Australian Vietnam Veteran and experienced first hand the murder and mayhem the US inflicts on 3rd world countries. You have made history and millions of people are incredibly impressed with what was done in the name of Justice and to expose the US Government and its military criminal network….My sincerest and best wishes to you Bradley Manning…. a man of integrity.
    Bradley Manning for President…!!!

  23. Happy birthday to u! Don’t worry the truth will always win. U are being supported by many people and most of all by The Creator of All The Universe. Don’t forget that.
    Peace to your heart.

  24. If there really is an Anti-Christ, I truly believe that our U.S. government, corporate elite and other evil world leaders are the ANTI-CHRIST. Their actions are anything but Christ like. I’m not into organized religion but I believe in Christ Consciousness and I believe Christ was a spiritual being that walked this earth. Thank you Bradley Manning for being a true patriot. Your sacrifice has inspired us all!

  25. Pray our God intensively,thinking and acting according to His will always ; can l tell you that He inspire me by revelation to mention to few people the event and your name before even it happened . Our spiritual father is baking all the humanity inspiring and saving even the most evil , helping to realize faults for correcting them threw a u-turn .He loves you specially – you because you are just and truth communicator and throu your action you are helping the autorety to learn to behave with fidelity and humanity.I would like so much to visit you. Keep on depending from God,world does change period on Nativity. Celebrate Nativity and thank Him for coming saving us.With all my christian feelings off love. Kyriaki Raptis Tel 1-514-256-9407

  26. Where is Bradley Manning now? Is he to be detained/kept in the Ft. Meade area or returned to Ft Leavenworth? How do we keep in contact a. for his spirit b. for his safety?

  27. We Love You Brad,

    If only we had the opportunity and courage to make public the scandals going on in our own countries the World might be a better place.
    Hang in there Buddy,people all over the World are shocked that what we got shown on The Brady Bunch isn’t anything like the real America.
    Sending wishes that you may enjoy Christmas despite your current situation – knowing that you are loved XXX

  28. Bradley Manning you are an inspiration – thank you for standing up and taking action – Sending you thoughts and good wishes from the UK keep your spirits up and remember those who are grateful for your actions

  29. Dear Bradely Manning,

    Thank you so much for your great work.

    As sappy as it sounds I sit hear with tears in my eyes with my heart welling up for your courage and sacrifice.

    So many people, from here on out, have you to thank, for the more merciful world that you are creating with what you endure in the name of what is good and just. Thank you, Noble Sir.

    If I may talk and ask about something political, please permit me to continue and ask:

    Who would you vote for?

    I am writing as I just had an encounter on a minorities FB page that got me a little concerned. I asked about the main persons’ opinion about her opinion about presidential stuff and got the reply “I don’t think this wall is a place for this debate. But I will say that Ron Paul has stated that he feels uncomfortable around gays. ‘Nuf said.”

    Perhaps I took that comment wrong, yet I think of all places, at a sexual minorities archive, it is important to consider current state of affairs as precariously as they are today so as to be informed so as to make the world a better place.

    I believe that key folks are depending on the prejudice that liberals and minorities have against Ron Paul to keep things on the current path.

    Because of knee jerk revulsion that radicals, feminists and liberals may have towards Ron Pauls’ uptight conservative side, the power elite will keep the status quo with Obama continuing or Newt Gingrich. I mean, doesn’t everyone have serious flaws from one perspective or another? For instance, don’t we all ask to be considered in our entirety rather than be judged on one “deviant” or “too straight” aspect?

    Ultimately don’t we have a responsibility to put on the breaks on this nightmare?

    I do think this is the liberals, minorities and GLBT&Ts opportunity to have a paradigm shift for a better world.

    I am doing my best to ask the best of the people around me to consider a more radical approach than they ever thought imaginable.

    To me it feels like a hidden civil war, my friends liking Obama for his personality and multiculturalism rather than his actions/policies and my gay/bi friends despising Ron Paul for some of his clearly ignorant opinions….

    “Paul scrambles the comfortable ideological and partisan categories and forces progressives to confront and account for the policies they are working to protect.”

    “…the anger [Paul] inspires comes not from his positions, but from the tensions that modern American liberals bear within their own worldview.””

    “…the central fallacy that drives progressive discussion the minute “Ron Paul” is mentioned. As soon as his candidacy is discussed, progressives will reflexively point to a slew of positions he holds that are anathema to liberalism and odious in their own right and then say: how can you support someone who holds this awful, destructive position? The premise here — the game that’s being played — is that if you can identify some heinous views that a certain candidate holds, then it means they are beyond the pale, that no Decent Person should even consider praising any part of their candidacy.”

    “The candidate supported by progressives — President Obama — himself holds heinous views on a slew of critical issues and himself has done heinous things with the power he has been vested.”

    To review the past 4 years “[Obama] has:

    • Slaughtered civilians… continuously in numerous nations with drones, cluster bombs and other forms of attack

    • Institutionalized the power of Presidents — in secret and with no checks — to target American citizens for assassination-by-CIA, far from any battlefield

    • Waged an unprecedented war against whistleblowers

    • Established the power of Presidents to wage war even in the face of a Congressional vote against it

    • Has entrenched indefinite detention, military commissions, and the state secret privilege as a weapon to immunize political leaders from the rule of law.

    • Shielded Bush era criminals from every last form of accountability.

    • Vigorously prosecuted the cruel and supremely racist War on Drugs, including those parts he vowed during the campaign to relinquish — a war which devastates minority communities and encages and converts into felons huge numbers of minority youth for no good reason.

    • Empowered thieving bankers through the Wall Street bailout, Fed secrecy, efforts to shield mortgage defrauders from prosecution, and the appointment of an endless roster of former Goldman, Sachs executives and lobbyists.

    • Brought the nation to a full-on Cold War and a covert hot war with Iran, on the brink of far greater hostilities.

    • Made the U.S. as subservient as ever to the destructive agenda of the right-wing Israeli government.

    • His support for some of the Arab world’s most repressive regimes is as strong as ever.”

    • America’s National Security State, its Surveillance State, and its posture of endless war is more robust than ever before.

    • Created what The Washington Post just dubbed “a vast drone/killing operation,” all behind an impenetrable wall of secrecy and without a shred of oversight.

    • Built up vast debt and deficits in the name of militarism that create the pretext for the “austerity” measures which the Washington class (including Obama) is plotting to impose on America’s middle and lower classes.”

    The parallel reality — the undeniable fact — is that all of these listed heinous views and actions from Barack Obama [the past 4 years] have been vehemently opposed and condemned by Ron Paul: and among the major GOP candidates, only by Ron Paul. For that reason, Paul’s candidacy forces progressives to face the hideous positions and actions of their candidate, of the person they want to empower for another four years. The simple fact is that progressives are supporting a candidate for President who has done all of that…”

    …if your only posture in the 2012 election is to demand lockstep marching behind Barack Obama and unqualified scorn for every other single candidate, then you are contributing to the continuation of these policies that liberalism has long claimed to detest, and bolstering the exclusion of these questions from mainstream debate.”

    If you’re someone who is content with the Obama presidency and the numerous actions listed above;…then lock-step marching behind Barack Obama for the next full year makes sense.”

    But if you don’t believe those things…As imperfect a vehicle as it is, Ron Paul’s candidacy — his success within a Republican primary even as he unapologetically challenges these orthodoxies — is one of the few games in town …”

    from the article Progressives and the Ron Paul Fallicies

    Bradley Manning what do you think? Who would you vote for?

    I just really think the left as well as the rest of the world is on the edge of disaster at the rate things are going today.

    Sending all the best to all,

    • I vetted Ron Paul to the max before I could vote for him. And I found nothing bad… Unless you consider the newsletters. However, after reading the newsletters, I couldn’t find what he supposedly wrote that was so bad. What did I miss? I only had to hear him once, and after hours & hours of research couldnt find one thing that upon further research wasn’t explained and by golly made the best darn sense I’d vet heard. That being said, for this main reason alone he could not be allowed any media limelight. Because anyone with half a brain and Internet access could understand his words true (amazing, I know!) but truly be in the people’s best intrest. With so much integrity, there is no mud to fling at him. And no amount of money to buy him (ask the lobbyist why they never even bothered to drop by). All I know is RP is my president! He’s inspired millions to think and educate (research), and that is truly the change we need!

  30. Hey Pfc Bradley Manning. Even though I’m from Canada, I have been following what’s been going with you in the U.S. for quite some time now. I just want to say that you’re an inspiration, not only to your fellow Americans, but to people all over the world. You’re not a criminal, but a hero. And I, along with many others, have been following your struggle against the injustice that is being brought against you by you’re own country. That you are one of the last few true Americans I have seen. And I stand behind you 100%. I will leave you with some words I hope give you comfort. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – by Burke, Edmund (1729-1797).

  31. what you did was dumb and irresponsible. I hope that they do finally charge and convict you off all the charges. You are an idiot for giving secrete documents to anyone. In the end you had no business releasing so many documents to anyone. there is no way you can know what harm you have caused the true brave men and women that have been in harms way. you are a coward! I know this will not be posted on the web site, but I still wanted to make my comments heard by your screener

    • What the fuck is wrong with you? What she did was heroic and she accomplished more than you will ever do in your miserable life! You are a fucking heartless coward who obviously support the killing of innocent civilians, including children. You are a shameful, shameful human being who should crawl back into that shithole that you came from.

  32. Joshua, One positive thing I can say about your comment is at least you are communicating. What we all need is a dialogue rather than a tyranical one way power system like Nazi Germany. Nazi Germany is how we seem to be devolving into with the indefinite detention bill signed by Obama last month. Please permit me to ask you, what you think patriotism is? Is it a patriots duty to allow our military to murder innocent civilians going about daily life in their own country? Have you actaully took the time and watched the Collateral Murder video? These innocent people were in the street and shot down. Rescuers who risked their lives drove up to help them were also brutally killed. Without any reason.

    Joshua, do you think it is the patriots duty to allow us to be murderers simply because we are America? Should we really be allowed shoot anyone, just because? Do you find poor, sick and old people annoying, so would be violent to them? Mexicans cross the boarder so would you be violent to them, too? If you believe in murder for any reason because you are a patriot, what then gives us the right to do anything in the name of justice, like have law? Why do you think we have a right to murder innocent people without a conscience? In the long run do you think murdering anyone we like is sustainable? Will the rest of the world let us kill people anytime we like for very long? Or are we supposed to bomb everyone else in the world just to keep control?

    Have you learned the details about Bradley Mannings troubled time in the military? Do you realize that his superiors had the responsibility to give him access to this low level information? His superiors, if they had any guts, should be held accountable for placing Bradley in this situation, if it were so dangerous.

    Bradley is being threatened among other things with a maximum of death or life without parole.

    “If a citizen is to be charged with a crime as serious as aiding the enemy, is to too much to ask that the state answer the simple question, Was the enemy aided? the Classified” information released by WikiLeaks is publicly available on the Internet. ”

    “In the 1960s, Ellsberg was a high-level Pentagon official. He was a former Marine commander who believed the American government was the good guy. …while working for the administration of Lyndon Johnson, Ellsberg got access to a top-secret document that revealed senior American leaders, including several presidents, knew that the Vietnam War was an unwinnable, tragic quagmire.”

    “…he material disclosed in the Pentagon Papers was designated Top Secret, the highest secrecy designation under law, whereas the material allegedly leaked by Manning to WikiLeaks was marked “secret” or “classified,” among the lowest-level secrecy designations.

    Fourth Circuit Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson wrote. “National security is public security, [rather than] government security from informed criticism.”

    Bradley Manning, in my opinion, made the noble and most courageous and lonely choice in this apathetic indifferent society. And being subjected to 23 hours of torture for the past year, he clearly has already paid the price. This abuse of whistleblowers is meant to keep other decent people from speaking out because torture and death may await them. Is that what you want?

    I intend we keep our liberty as the Founding Fathers decribe them. I hope you check out the video of the murders before you condemn anyone.

  33. @Joshua et al:
    Pvt Manning swore an oath to UPHOLD AND DEFEND the Constitution. Clearly the actions by military that he exposed were in direct violation of the Constitution, the Geneva Convention and international law. Pvt. Manning was doing his job. Every single soldier that aided in the cover up of these crimes should face court martial. And in point of fact uncovering crimes by the military actually helps America. When the military or any part of the government commits a crime and it is dealt with in an open and fair manner, it proves to the world that America does not put itself about the laws it claims to be defending all over the world. Without whistle blowers this cannot happen when criminals inside the government are actively trying to cover up crimes. It is amazing that nothing is ever said by the main stream media about the crimes he uncovered. Nothing is being said about how the military white washed the actual soldiers who committed these crimes……What the media is trying to do is scare good, honest Americans to not come forward when they find evidence if crimes being committed by the government and the military. I cannot think of anything more evil and more detrimental our great nation than that.

  34. One of the greatest heros this country and the world has ever seen! He tried to do what the corporate owned media in this country won’t; inform the people so they can make rational choices about those elected to office. He should be not only set free now, but honored as a great patriot! But the people in this country are too dumbed down to care. What a sad world we live in when the criminals are in charge and the heros sit in jail.

  35. Bonjour mon très cher BRADLEY
    j aimairais tout d’abord te remercier pour ce donc tu as fait pour nous autres africains en rendant public ces documents, cela nous a permis de comprendre comment les puissances occidentales exercent leur domination sur l’Afrique, comment les élections sont truqués pour maintenir les dictateurs au pouvoir et leur permettrent une main mise sur les richesses du continent et j’en passe.
    nous te soutiendrons dans ton terrible combat contre le système impérialiste mondial et surtout beaucoup de courage et sache que tu n’est pas seul dans ce combat, ton combat a offert la liberté a de million de personne tu est notre heros

    • Im associated with the current military situation going on in the world. Ive reviewed the case and would like to say that you are a retard BRADLEY!

      • @jo: when you sit back and realise whether “this is the purpose of your life” and where you will stand in the history of heroes, don’t worry, you will have company around the world. Like you, there are millions who think their is the right to kill anyone and all of you have gone astray 🙂

      • Most of those associated with the current military wars have too much blood on hands to properly judge others. others are pencil pushers. Still others are deaf and dumb to what the constitution and human rights call them to do. Who are you? What are you? a misinformed mensch or a mensch with no soul and lacking in real ideas?

      • Spoken like a true and clinically confirmable sociopath. I doubt seriously that a person of your ilk would be capable of honestly “reviewing” his own lunch.

      • jo – No Bradley Manning is a hero. He knew what he was witnessing was wrong and he told the public what was going on.

        You are the retard, a coward and the kind of mindless animal Henry Kissinger talked about.

        You will burn in Hell – Bradley will be with God.

  36. I’m sure if there was a Nazi soldier who brought to light the war crimes of the Holocaust we would have a statue of him at the Washington Memorial

    • Leave the Third Reich out of it—unless you lived back then and were even marginally aware of the obscene extent of outright bald faced LYING inflicted upon us by the allied propagandists in the Roosevelt regime and the well documented Room 14 LIE Factory located, unsurprisingly enough, in Rockefeller Center, you are eminently unqualified from speaking on anything that happened back then. The carnage in Iraq that I refuse to dignify with the term “war” was strictly and solely for the benefit of the exact same strain of financial parasites that the National Socialists were fighting. So leave the Reich out of it until you are far more familiar with the ugly truth of what America has long since morphed into even decades before WWII

    • The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. — Albert Einstein

      Bradley Manning should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize and not Barack Obama (or whatever his real name is).

  37. I can’t understand how anyone can support a traitor. He put the lives of thousands of military people in danger, but you seem to think that is fine unless it’s your son, daughter, brother, or sister who is harmed in the process. He broke the rules to expose those who broke the rules, hmmm just don’t sound right to me, but wait it’s OK for him to break the rules. If there was something not right he knows the proper way to report things and that does not involve giving 700,000 classified documents to a public website. He didn’t expose anything but secret documents that HE knew were classified but did it anyway. Grow up people he’s just as bad as those he supposedly exposed. Time for him to man up and take responsibility for his actions and stop blaming everyone else. He knowingly and willfully did what he did, no one forced him. It does not matter the reason, it was WRONG.

    • No one in the U.S. military has been harmed by the documents Bradley allegedly released, Charlie. The war documents Bradley released were just low-level, slightly outdated field reports. The government has brought forth no evidence of anyone being harmed or killed as a result of the releases. That is why many Bradley Manning supporters are veterans themselves. What has harmed the men and women of the U.S. military more than anything the past several years has been illegal and aggressive wars waged in the middle east, ordered by politicians who would not fight themselves. I hope you will check out this article to learn more about the perspective of the Bradley Manning Support Network.

    • Hello Charlie
      I am sending you a response I wrote to a military person who said if we did not fight in the war or had children in the war then we should shut the fuck up. Maybe many of us cannot quite match your family’s service but most of us have had some family members and friends who have served in past wars. So we have the right to speak our mind also and not have to as you said “ shut the fuck up.” You have to admit that war crimes promote more war crimes. Even after watching the live beheading of his son on the Internet Judea Pearl, the father of Daniel Pearl, the American Journalist who was captured by the Muslims, had this to say in an interview:
      After Ahmed spoke, Pearl talked about “channeling all the energy and good will … to fight the hatred that took [Daniel’s] life” by establishing a foundation in his name.
      “Danny was a walking sunshine of truth, beauty and humanity,” Pearl said.
      According to Pearl, engaging in dialogues is one way that people can help fight against this violence and hatred.
      You can find this at http://www.danielpearl.org/news_and_press/articles/Pearls_Father_052405.html
      I’ m sure the hate and retaliation caused by what happened from the apache helicopter reverberated throughout the muesli world way before the video hit the Internet and many of our captured soldiers were probably tortured because of the incident also before the video reached the internet.. Can’t you see how the cycle of war crimes keeps on being perpetrated?
      When I was going to college many years ago I knew this Vietnam veteran who roomed in my dorm. He boasted to us that they captured a nurse from the other side and they first gang raped her and then put an explosive in her vigina and exploded it. When he was telling us of this he was laughing about it. Most of my fellow schoolmates just made a half smiling cringed face, I guess to show they were tough and could take it. I could not hold back and said it was utterly disgusting and inhumane. He tried justifying it by saying she was an aide to the enemy. Even though being killed in the line of fire can be brutally horrible thing to witness I believe war crimes, torture and the killing of innocent civilians only spurns more torture. The Fact that more vets die from suicide then in combat, I feel, has much to do with their witness and failure to stop the torture and war crimes committed by their troops. I’m sure they were also told to “shut the fuck up” and they did even taking that command to their grave. I guess soldiers, without a conscience, similar to the vet from my college do not suffer. There has to be some rules of engagement please look at the video http://www.amazon.com/Christmas-truce-unthinkable-celebrated-Christmas-together/dp/B003696Y0C. When the fighting soldiers on both sides during WW1 put down their weapons for Christmas Eve and Christmas day and celebrated it together. I thank you and your family for having sacrificed so much for our country but it is shame that it was in vain since our involvement in these last wars have been based on lies. If you can show me that they were not I would glad to see your opinion.

    • Charlie, the UCMJ, just like our Constitution guarantees a speedy trial. If one cannot be given, it demands that he be released. PFC Manning has been detained for over 600 days without conviction. Regardless of how one sees his “crimes” you must demand that the rule of law be followed. To do otherwise merely proves the point that America may be way past saving.

    • I would just like to say that we as citizens and humans have a right to know how messed up our crappy government is.

      There is no need to shoot harmless journalists.
      These sick and disgusting military officers need to be exposed, even if it makes this joke of a country USA look bad.

      • is he an American citizen? if not, how can he be called a traitor? or commit treason?

        if he is an American citizen, he’s entitled to free speech (hahahahahahaha)

        he only reported news. he didn’t break into anything to get it. watergate was far worse than this could ever be.

        we persecute, we don’t prosecute.

        America the Beautiful…

    • Traitor? A traitor is:

      Someone of blind faith who thinks their government will be honest without maintenance and due diligence by its citizens-
      Someone who thinks nationalism and world dominance by their country is right, even though they remain “loyally” unaware of what their government is really doing-
      Someone who believes the patriot is the one murdering children and civilians on the video (while laughing, remember), and then calls a super-Hero like Bradley a traitor.

      Honestly, people that think that way need our prayers, good thoughts, and therapy. I’m sorry to be so snippy…

    • No one was put in danger. we have been put in danger by our imperialist foreign policy, and by ignorance reigning in the US. People are dying for the interests of corporations. Maybe you are OK with this, but not all of us are.

      • Excellent reply JoAnn!

        Ditto on your reply from me as well.

        War is a racket. A chess game the elite play using the rest of us as pawns.

    • No sir, dear Bradley did not jeopardize lives, he did the exact opposite.

      Fear of love; fear of the truth — only these things manifest war and hatred. There is not one single death attributable to Manning’s heroism. But what we may never know is how this single, young man’s bravery might have turned our world away from war more than any other single individual. Now is time for tribute, respect, and gratitude to Bradley. Please wake up to your hearts, and deny fear a place to grow by facing it.

      • That’s a lovely way of saying it,

        Bradley is and will be always remembered for what he did.

        We are with him since, and we can see what he has started.

        Much love to all of us, and for Bradley .. you’re the man! 😀

    • People supported George W. Bush and his policies and misusage of troops and misinformation. He put 300 million Americans and countless millions of others in harms way and facing death–if not meeting death. Stop supporting the Bennedict Arnolds in the USA military, in the White House, in Congress and elsewhere. Support real Americans and whistleblowers like Bradley Manning, America.

    • So basically what you’re saying is it’s wrong to break rules that are unjust? Yes, it’s perfectly fine to sit by, idly as unjust things play out before your eyes because our government said it was okay. Did you happen to know he was tortured and denied his rights? Regardless of whether he committed a crime, he should have had a trial to prove his guilt or innocence, but no, he was jailed, end of story. I have no feelings for this man, I don’t know him, heck, I just learned about this event, but I know injustice when I see it. “Land of the Free” my butt. Oh, and what did the “great leader, capable of bringing people together” do? Nothing. Our own President went against the law along with countless others by denying this man his rights, but that’s okay because he’s the President. This is NOT the great country I was told about as a child. I can’t support a country so plainly corrupt, I am ashamed to be an American.

    • There is a great deal of difference between “breaking the rules” by classifying the video of soldiers killing reporters and firing into a car with children in it when their dad stopped to help the dying men, then blocking a Reuters FOI request for footage of their employees being shot, and “breaking the rules” by releasing the video. A great deal of difference.

    • Essentially everything the government has done since 9/11 appeals to that false flag operation for justification. The wars, the continuing long range murder by drones, the descent of the US into police state tyranny – all of it – is based on lies. Bradley Manning’s courage has helped expose some of that.

      Free Bradley Manning now.

    • That was great, Charlie my boy, some great oration…very flag waving…just blowing that good old red, white and blue sunshine right up our back staircases. Such “patriotism” is truly staggering. Did you have these same remarks to make about Bill Clinton who ran from the draft board, fled behind the Iron Curtain and made propaganda spiels for the USSR and then was allowed back into this country without ceremony to become star boarder in the White House? Did you have the same to say about Hanoi Bitch Jane Fonda who knowingly and willfully “aided and abetted” NV ack-ack crews and was then welcomed back into this sick and twisted country like some kind of god damned home coming queen without spending a day in the slammer and then to go on peddling her aerobics tapes?

      If you don’t know by this stage of your life the distinction between “aiding and abetting” this nation’s enemies and exposing them then you most likely never will—-America’s worst and most numerous—-by far—-enemies are right here within our seaboards and they are in the corporate boardrooms of Wall Street and the hallowed halls of public office. They are known as sociopaths and this country has become maggot-ridden with same. Bradley had sense enough to see that and for every one like him who does there are about 500,000 like you who don’t…and you vote. No wonder this country is a cess pool ready to explode and cover the globe with you know what.

    • The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. – Albert Einstein

      Bradley Manning did not release any classified information. He simply showed America what some really dishonorable soldiers are doing to innocent victims.

      War is terrorism on a bigger budget.

    • The people you say Private Bradely Manning’s revelations threatened kill more innocent people themselves (before breakfast) than Bradley’s revelations will ever harm in all of time.

      I’ll tell you what, Charlie. You are brainwashed. You heard me. Indoctrinated with lies. That you value your beliefs over the facts, your superiors’ words over what’s available to your eyes, your peers well being over the lives of anyone not sharing their ideology, bodes ill indeed for the republic and the world.

      You are the villans of history who will have ended the grand experiment with totalitarian dogma. You will be the new Nazis if folks like me don’t stop you.

      Believe me Charlie, there are more of us all the time out here in the real world who will give their lives for the truth than there are ideologues like you who think they will give their lives for some political mythology or another.

      Change is coming. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. It’s really more up to you and yours than me and mine. But we always wind up winning, Charlie. Always.

      It’s the tale of the tape in social evolution, Charlie. We don’t go back. Humans always go towards the egalitarian ideal (look it up). The Republic is evidence itself for that reality.

      We go towards freedom for all, or we die trying. Sooner or later, we’ll convince you to see the lies you embrace or (evolutionarily speaking) we take you out. Evolve or perish, that’s the rule.

    • You obviously are a good puppet,

      Putting other people’s life in danger ? Hey, THEY JOINED THE ARMY, that’s what people do there, kill themselves without no reason (but under the disguise of peace and prosperity) meanwhile destroying nations and all that get in their way.

      You have some serious sh*t going on calling Bradley a traitor.

      Guess what? You look like more of a traitor!
      And you know why? Because you don’t know sh*t about what’s actually going on.
      You’re an ignorant who just feeds daily with what the media gives you and you are a happy citizen.

      If you would just do you HOMEWORK, you would know that war is fought more for profit and “ENTERTAINMENT” than for peace and prosperity.

      War is NOT the answer, LOVE IS!

      PS : you are pathetic to say the least

    • Oh, I think the *reason* matters quite a lot! For if we follow your logic, Charlie, then we can say “Killing is WRONG” no matter the reason. If we say that, there can be no “just war” and no ethical *reason* to even have a military at all!

      Oh, wait. Nevermind. Maybe you’re right.

  38. I wanted to thankyou Bradley for your enormous courage, in not only standing for what is right and just within your own country,
    but also for trying to ensure a greater protection to these values being protected worldwide.
    for all of us as a world community.

    you stood up when everyone else turned aside and selflessly acted to make a change, a change that has been needed for a long time.

    I think if anything you probably are one of the greatest inspirations to the true ideals of democracy, fairness and living to the true ideals of goodness and decency.

    I can only applaud you and wiki leaks and hope that a new transparency will emerge, it will be a difficult battle – but i think with the doorway that you have made that hopefully a beginning has been found.
    no government, organisation, or company should be able to act in a way that overrides the foundation that it rests upon,
    in this case the foundation of humanity. All that is precious our dignity, truth, honour and courage.

    when the very limits of official censorship and concealment obscure the truth and propergate lies. then it is time for transparency to flush out the true villains.

    and time for the truth to shine.

    And for that I know we all thank you.

    Kind Regards my thoughts as well as many other supporters are with you and your family

  39. To Americans:

    I live on the Balkan Peninsula, in a country so obsessed with war and war crimes. We have to deal with partisan crimes (world war II), our homeland war (90′-95′), always popular organized crime… I’t never ends!
    Let me give you a piece of advice: clean your “front lawn” or your children will be forced to do it instead of you!

    • This country won’t have a “front lawn” the way it is degenerating…it will have nothing but a backyard burial plot.

    • Very good advice. The average American now has little to no say on our government policies.

      “It’s not who votes that counts but who counts the votes.” – Joseph Stalin

      Our voting system is rigged and our U.S. Constitution has been edited.

      We are now a country owned by the bankers and large corporations.

      “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by Tyrants” – William Penn

  40. I tried to contact you via http://www.bradleymanning.org/ourwork/contact-us, but repeatedly got this message in reply:
    “Failed to send your message. Please try later or contact administrator by other way.”

    Has Bradley Manning been transferred back to Leavenworth now that his Ft. Meade appearances are over for now? Was mail sent there over the last two months held or forwarded?
    We have a publication (the Nuclear Resister) deadline March 5 and would appreciate knowing that mail sent to the address we publish for our readers still has a chance of reaching PFC Manning. Thanks!

    • Bradley is current at Ft. Leavenworth. He will have at least one more Ft. Meade appearance prior to the trial, but mail should still be sent to Ft. Leavenworth and he should be able to receive it. Thanks for your support!

  41. This all makes me sad. When you are young and nationalistic everything seems to be god, mom, and apple pie. Then you get older, and if you aren’t lucky enough to be dumb, all the shades of gray come into focus. This nation, our origin story, the sacrament of old idols and founders of our nation, our birthright and manifest destiny… corrupted by truth. lol. And then an act which seems very brave indeed, in some ways unprecedented in significance. Only to watch the nation that once made you smile gobble him up.

  42. We have uploaded a poem onto our Topicus page by The Poet Geo that has an embedded hyper-link to your site. We trust that you have no objections to this link: but if you do, please contact the editor direct. It is interesting, though not unexpected, to see that Bradley’s heroism has entered the world of poetry, and in doing so has now taken a literature seat at the table of history.

    “Dear Poetry Portal Org please accept the following poems for submission on your site. The first one Pot Slams kettle for Vet has already been published on poetry24 at BlogSpot.com and some have called it an anti American work. I assure you it is most definitely not. It is an anti war poem. America at its best is a shining beacon of civilised progress and at its worst a superpower hijacked by an out of democratic control industrial military complex. The message in the poem if it has one is

    My dear Americans when you do fascism you’re a joke but when you do liberty you are awesome!”


    The views of poets on PoetryPortal.org belong to the individual poets and are not necessarily endorsed by the editor or the In Love With Poetry Society UK


    We finally got a petition up at the White House web site. They didn’t erase it! Hope this works for you.


    Short URL: http://wh.gov/Xy6

    We petition the Obama administration to:
    First pardon all crimes, then support Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Horrendous acts related to the Iraq War have damaged America. In comparison, this young man Manning supported our very American views of civilization.

    We are a democracy. We cannot skip responsibility.

    Our most barbaric crimes remain broadly unpunished. We killed 24 children and unarmed civilians at Haditha. We ran Abu Ghraib’s torture chambers. We rushed into that war and had no idea what was happening.

    Bradley Manning’s theft of the Crazy Horse One-Eight video led to ending this American ignorance. Formal “Rules of Engagement” cannot replace moral commitment.

    Bradley Manning changed America. We are stronger.

    Prosecution now has Manning at risk of his life, charged with Aiding The Enemy. Please, a full pardon. Then, as well, please support Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Created: Mar 06, 2012
    Issues: Defense, Human Rights, Veterans and Military Families

    This will take 150 votes before they list it publicly. If we can get 25,000 votes by April 6th then this will be forwarded for management consideration.

    Setting up a WH account takes about a minute. Voting takes 5 seconds. At least the account is permanent and the WH has any number of useful petitions.

  44. Bradley Manning
    I’m from Cabinda
    Cabinda ‘s occupied by Angolan people and Chevron who steal our oil.
    You are our Moise or our defensor against American government abus in Cabinda (Africa
    Corage and force
    All of us pray for you

    Crisostomo MACANDA
    Human Rights Activist fron CABINDA

  45. Mr.Barack OBAM
    United State President

    Bradley Manning is not criminal but he’s very defensor of human rights in the third world. Please free him President Obama.
    Bradley GOD BLESS YOU

    Crisostomo MACANDA
    Human Rights Activist from Cabinda
    Cabinda ‘s occupied for Angola and Chevron

  46. Manning did a good thing. We want transparency!
    I hope more people send the truth to the websites for us to see!

  47. I’m writing to inquire whether the soldier who is now being held for killing 16 Afghan civilians, is being held under conditions similar to what Bradley Manning suffered, i.e., solitary confinement; constant surveillance; limited time outside cell; having to stand naked for hours; etc.

    While no prisoner should be subjected to such torturous treatment, I am interested in knowing whether a military prisoner who clearly committed war crimes, is being subject to similar maltreatment.

    If not, this is another instance of, and underlines, the unfairness which Bradley was subjected to. I am writing this not to push for similar treatment of the other imprisoned soldier, but to suggest an additional way to present Bradley’s case to the media and to the public.

    • [email protected] on said:

      Like the man responsible for the May Lai massacre in Vietnam they don’t have the spiritual soul to understand the crimes committed…
      They are a depraved mob reeking revenge on the world… They are at the centre of World Terrorism

  48. Bradley, I truly believe you are a hero. I sign petitions that don’t involve facebook or plugins as our as privacy is hard to come by in the U.S.A. I hope this site provides other ways to vote for you in the future.

  49. Per the request of today (3/22/2012) ~ I called General Dempsey’s office. I feel VERY strongly about supporting the FREE BRADLEY MANNING cause! I am a fan and supporter of this brave human being!

    Here’s the rub.

    * First they transferred me. And after a long wait ~ I was “tied in” to another caller on this same concern. (Neither of us could understand how they did that!)

    * Second, I called back and was told I could not reach General Dempsey by phone. Nor could I reach him by email.

    * After a bit of pressure from my side ~ I was transferred to Major Sarah Wolf who answers phones for the lead military attorney. She said she would note my concern, but said she could not guarantee it would get to General Dempsey and has no idea what will happen with the notation.

    I tried to leave a voice mail for this attorney; however, she said he does not have voice mail nor email.

    FYI ~ I conveyed an additional message that I feel BRADLEY MANNING was acting in accordance with his heart and the bigger spiritual law that has nothing to do with the “so called” military law.

    I further reiterated that I fully support his concerns, and I’m deeply upset with the military’s handling of this brave soul.

    Even the handling of my phone call and the walls that exist to express my heart are DEEPLY disturbing.

    ANYway ~ I wanted to give you feedback.

    The gentleman whom I connected with accidentally ~ said he would be calling back later.

    I HAVE to have hope that whoever picks up the phone hears something and will join the cause!

    I pray for the FREEING of Bradley Manning daily!

    Bradley ~ keep the FAITH!

    Thanks for your efforts!
    ~ Sherry ~

  50. “Everywhere around the world, they’re coming to America…” (Neil Diamond)

    I just saw the video “Collateral Murder”, another My Lai… I can bet my shirt that Benjamin Franklin and others who wrote the Constitution are currently spinning in their graves, thinking of what America has become.

    Those who came to America were for the most part refugees, such as the Catholics and Puritans fleeing the repressiveness of the Anglican church, the Huguenots fleeing the nonsensical policies of French kings, and other peoples fleeing wars or famine in their homeland. They sure never thought that some of their offspring would be talked into repeating the same history over and over again.

    Some of their offspring shoot unarmed civilians and call that courage… Bradley, you have the true courage of standing for your beliefs, for the America you believe in. Bradley, you have become part of the conscience of Uncle Sam, much like Solzhenitsyn became the conscience of the Russians –you need not be a Nobel prize winner to play such a role. I know that you are currently living in another gulag.

    Note that I am writing from Canada. I do not think that we are doing any better in Afghanistan. An independant Quebec would not do any better under its current politicians.

    What kind of a revolution do we need to wake up and smell the coffee? Meanwhile, I want to shake the hand of all the Bradleys on earth.

    • An afterthought…

      Do you ever read the gospels? I am a French Canadian who has been raised as a Catholic; however, i gave up on organized religion.

      The gospels carry the message of a Person who was a Whistle Blower in his own era. I especially like the episode of the vendors in the Temple courtyard and the ensuing curses upon the Pharisees… no wonder they wanted Him crucified, and by others at that!

      This message of hope has been my companion theough the many hardships and the few happy moments i have been through. I wish to share it with you at this moment of need.

    • Bradley generally does not respond directly to mail he receives but has repeatedly shared that he greatly appreciates and does indeed read the letters of support.

      • Oh, I wrote him a letter…I assume it’s not only read by him. I didn’t really know what to say- just tried to keep it short, simple, and general. Just wanted to send him my support!

  51. Il y a longtemps dans un petit pays d’Europe, la France, on decapitait un roi qui se croyait fils de Dieu et le seul maitre de nos destins… Alors on France on a decidé de ne plus jamais etre sujets de personne, c’est alors très decevent de voir que quelques 200 ans plus tard on est a nouveau prives de l’acess a l’information et on est coupe des decisions dans un etat qui a nouveau se croit au dessus de ses peuples. Il se passe le meme en amerique, pays qui a lui aussi fait une couraguese revolution contre un empire despotique… il est fort temps qu’a nouveau on devient maitres de nos destins et qu’on responsabilise nos gouvernements par ces actions. “l’etat ce n’est pas moi” ni un poigné de riches, l’etat sommes nous tous… et nous avons le droit de tout savoir …toujours…

  52. We are proud of Bradley here in Pembrokeshire where he grew up. His actions have brought war criminals like George Bush and Tony Blair one step closer to facing justice. One day America will be proud of Bradley too.

  53. ONLY IN AMERICA, as we always say.
    It’s no wonder the States are despised by the rest of the world as much as they are.
    Lying, thieving, cheating, murdering cowards who invade other countries at whim to get what they want under the guise of humanitarian causes, and to hell with the death toll.
    What I would give for just 5 minutes in a room alone with GWB, I’d make him pay for ever drop of blood shed.
    Bradley you tried to be a hero and save many, to some you are a hero, to others you are a fiend – no matter what, you do not deserve what those SOB’s are currently doing to you but, hey, it’s America, what did you expect?
    Surely you didn’t expect to be treated like that handful of dang Yankee Bankers who brought the entire world to its knees, destroyed the worldd economy and so many families?
    DAMN AMERICA and everything it is and stands for – it’s lies, deceit and wholesale murder!!!

    • “Everywhere around the world, they’re coming to America…”

      What kind of revolution does it need to wake up and smell the coffee? It is led by war criminals like Cheney (that big dick) and GWB … themselves being puppets to money powers in the same fashion as Hitler !

    • [email protected] on said:

      Well done Dianna…. There are not too many people who grasp the situation as well as you appear to have done. I fear there may not be too much we can do for Bradley especially with the mistreatment that is being inflicted on him.

  54. [email protected] on said:

    THE AMERICAN DREAM. You have to be asleep to believe it….. Paranoid, delusional, and psychopathic is probably the best way to describe the Hawks that hide behind the military madness which they use to keep the world destabilized for their own benefit.

    I served in Vietnam in the Australian Army and realized what the murderous American Regime was doing. They are still doing it and won’t stop until some callamatus event overtakes them.

    Bradley Manning, a man of courage recognized the crimes that were being inflicted and wanted to tell the world…. Thank you Bradley. Some of us suspected and now more will know.

    Guantanamo Bay is another Americal institution that demonstrates the evil which pervades the US Government.

    Murdering civilians is of no consequence to US Politicians as they launch their strikes at anyone they claim to be against them, even resorting to killing their own at universities if necessary….. It’s not unlike the Syrian Regime or Libya in its day.

    Bradley Manning will go down in history as a pivitol point in a an awakening of US activities in the world…Bradley Manning you are a hero.!!!

  55. Many of these commentators don’t seem to have an understanding what occurred. If you were working for the military and were suddenly held for years without being charged of any crime.. yet were being tortured for a year to admit you did. Completely unAmerican. Just shows that our government is nothing but a tyranny.

  56. He displays all that is good, just and fair.
    But sadly America is a hypocrite.
    Hoping you get your life back soon Bradley; I’m so sorry about what is happening to you and wish I could just change it all.

  57. I would like to write Private Manning a letter, but wish to respect their wishes about gender identification.

    Does anyone have knowledge of whether Manning identifies as Bradley or Breanna? I think it’s important to determine the answer to this question in order to show solidarity.

    If Manning’s wishes cannot be conclusively determined, may I suggest folks address their letters to B. Manning and use the pronoun “they” in reference to Manning?

      • Thanks for the link. Unfortunately, Manning’s wishes, as conveyed by family and lawyers are hardly conclusive, especially since the controversial concept of “gender identity disorder” has figured prominently in Manning’s defense.

        The chat logs suggest that Manning was in the process of transitioning, though it’s also clear that this disclosure was in violation of Manning’s privacy.

        Out of respect for Manning’s agency, the only ethical course of action is to use gender neutral pronouns.

        • The only way to respect Bradley’s agency, is to actually do so. “Everything we know from Bradley Manning’s friends, family, and legal defense team, is that he wishes to be referred to as Brad or Bradley until he’s able to get to the next stage of his life. Bradley has indicated that he’s not interested in publicly addressing this issue.” -Bradley Manning Support Network. July 24, 2012

      • Sorry, but as I pointed out in my previous comment, it appears that there is no way for us to verify Manning’s wishes, except via family and legal counsel.

        Manning’s lawyers are using “gender identity disorder” in their defense. For this reason and other reasons, publicly identifying Manning as a trans woman would pose a threat to their legal strategy.

        Also, family members are often resistant to accepting someone’s transitioning. While I’m sure they love Manning, I won’t simply take their word for it that Manning prefers to be identified as a man.

        Again, the only ethical course, to me, is to remain agnostic on Manning’s wishes and to use gender neutral pronouns.

        • As an individual, you are of course free to remain agnostic, despite Bradley’s pretty clear feelings on this issue. Bradley and his attorneys have been forthcoming in court with the fact that he was questioning his gender identity in the months prior to his arrest (specifically, it come up towards the end of the Article 32 hearing last December); however, that is not really an argument for or against gender agnosticism / neutrality. If indeed Bradley’s attorneys were going to use the “gender identity disorder” issue as an important part of the defense strategy, wouldn’t they want him to identify as female now in order to bolster that argument? A review of the defense motions will show that Bradley’s “gender identity” questions do not significantly enter into defense arguments before the military court. In regards to the updated July 24, 2012 statement we published, I’ll note that we had the input of multiple members of our Support Network who have visited Bradley since his arrest, multiple family members who visit Bradley regularly, and multiple members of Bradley’s chosen civilian legal defense team. Additionally, we’ve now spent nearly 30 days sitting a few feet behind Bradley in the Fort Meade military courtroom. If there were a conspiracy to keep Bradley’s wishes a secret in this regard, he could simply turn around during a court recess and say something like, “Hey, thanks folks for the quarter million for my lawyers, but quit referring to me as a dude, OK?”

  58. My Brother MANNING

    You are our young leader in defence of the human rights of the civilians in all world.

    Our people in CABINDA, occupy by Angola who oppressed him everyday pray for you.
    We will never forget you .

    Our people from CABINDA calls aamerican government to release you because you are not crimininal or terrorrist.

    Crisostomo MACANDA
    Human Rights Activist from CABINDA
    Thank you

  59. The people who take the time to write to you are a tiny fraction of those of us who have enormous respect for your integrity, bravery and decency. The truth will set all of us free, if only more people had the courage to reveal the wrongs that are being perpetrated in our name, the world would be an infinitely better place. Although you have been isolated, very positive though of you are in the minds of many. Take Care, your life is precious.

  60. Hey

    You were educated in an educational system that radically changed in the last 30 years… IT BRAIN WASHED YOU,,, the government schools… and look what happened HOW IRONIC they brainwashed you,,, and now,,, not having a clue about ideals, loyalty and patriotism,,, you are going to be incarcerated for life… Far as I am concerned you should nbe shot against a wall,, HOWEVER, THERE IS A BRIGHT SIDE… the failure administration headed by OBAMA has been elected by your ilk,,, CONGRATULATIONS LOSERS! The american people will GET WHAT THEY VOTED FOR just like you voted to be a traitor,,, and you ARE GETTING what you voted for ,, you are not a hero, not a patriot you are a sad sack of shit… GOOD JOB 5 gold stars for succeeding at what set out to do! FAIL !!! EPIC SUCCESSFUL more-on then right – on, YOU WERE AND ARE,,,

    • Mr. Bauman, You confuse “ideals and loyalty” with “morality and ethics”. Your formal education must have instilled the former in your own brainwashed head while your spiritual education was a vacuum of nothingness which has led to your own arrogance and ignorance, both of which to you, appear as “bliss”!! May you only sit on a jury or in judgement of others like your sad self.

  61. To Bradley Manning,

    Thank you for informing me as a citizen – and most important as a human being – about the mistreatment of other citizens and human beings by the military of your country. Obviously there also are other governments who’s conducts are wrong with regard to human rights, but that specific video about those guys in the helicopter did it.
    Hold in there and be aware that there are countless other people who are grateful for what you did: sharing essential information about intolerable misconduct commissioned by authorities in power.
    What you did can be called heroic with regard to the ill context you are in now.
    There must be found a way to present your case to an international court which does respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  62. You deserve a medal sir, you deserve a promotion and innocent civilians should never be used a cannon fodder again, nor even brutally murdered to be kept quiet by U.S. government, much love from England, “Be Manning world -wide” Lionhearted.

  63. Free Bradley Manning! The real criminals are those who committed the war crimes that Bradley revealed. The real hero is locked up while the cowards go free.

  64. Dear Mr Brady,

    in Sweden we admire your your your heroic deed,your stamina and wish you the best in the future.
    Sooner and later the Peace Prize will be yours!

    Vislanda, Sweden on the 6th of December 2012
    Hans Isaksson

  65. When a nation has been polarized to the extent that the USA has been, you can bet that propaganda is at the heart of it. We have no Free Press anymore. We have only Corporate media and government disinformation. We got this way thanks to Clinton (Telecommunications Act of 1996) as much as to Reagan.

    There is it. When Clinton abandoned the people’s advocacy for power politics, he cut the last tie the govt. had to legitimacy. Obama is walking in those footsteps and no other. We are without representation (govt) and without voice (free press). We are on our own.

    The internet offers little hope in that it is the town square (the network news and entertainment media) that reflects to us who we are. So most of us are indoctrinated in the two party, dual propaganda charade, while the rest of us fight for freedom in the margins. We’re going nowhere fast.

    Here’s hoping we at least get Manning out before he’s 50 so he can live at least a partial life. Here’s praying we get him out by next year.

    Time grows short to act. They will cordon off the Internet soon and then we will only have the streets. I’m praying for a miracle and working towards a hard hard long long fight with no promise of anything beyond the pursuit of the objective truth. That’s got to be enough for now.

  66. Happy Birthday Dear Brad
    Know full well that they whose spirit is broken can only try to break your body but cannot break your spirit.
    Freedom lies in the heart. Nelson Mandela showed that.
    Those who cannot look inside, look outside & show their arrogance & power.
    But those who cannot look outside, look inside(within) & grow more stronger.
    More power to you & May the FORCE be with you always!
    With this I & millions of like minded wish you a Happy Birthday.

  67. Stand strong Bradley, You are my hero. Standing up for everybody’s rights including yous is honesty at it’s finest form. Not enough people stand up and blow the whistle, you did. For that I salute you.

    With regards

  68. Hi Bradley,

    I can’t send you a letter but I can leave a message here for you. I saw your lawyer on video and I am glad you have a good team behind you. I have been following your ordeal from the beginning and I am glad to see, hear and read that you’re hanging in there and are doing “well” in these circumstances. I keep track of you and post all the info I get from your support groups into my blog. I can only wish you a speedy trial with an understanding intelligent judge and hope you can start your college degree as soon as you’re free, physics it was? Wish you all the best, thinking about you almost daily

    yours sincerely Seja

  69. Bradley Manning stands for all the good things that matter to all the good Americans who have done so much good for the world. “The last best hope of mankind”. When will the government see that? When will they see that these wars of aggression and conquest will bring nothing that will justify the death and destruction of what was once a fine republic.

  70. I would love to write to Bradley but I know there is a little point as he would never receive it. I’m ashamed of what the US and my UK govt has done, and i’m also ashamed that the UK govt wnt even lift a finger to help him…not surprised though, I’ve been locked up in one prison or another, intensively tortured 2006, never given a trial or even accused of breaking any law….so I do have some personal perespective on the matter.

    The man is an absolute hero and gives me some hope for future generations.

    But sending pictures of yourself is just plain stupid htough—-it’s not just yourself you’re putting at risk. It’s well known that western govts are collecting lists of political dissidents and with a photo as well and the facebook software, everybody you have ever linked to is being endangered as well. JA says it better than I ever could, although I suspect he got a lot fothat from me- been saying it for nearly ten years now!


      • thnaks Owen, but i doubt it me being a TI to…still in prison myself here anyway, so no funds an di no idea what postage wd be….they not have email in the torture suites?

  71. Dear Bradley,
    Thank you very much for what you have done for the Humanity!
    I can´t send resources, because I´m supporting 2 cities destroyed by a water barriers destrooyed and all of the survived peope have desiases.
    God bless you.
    Áurea de Andrade
    in Brasil

  72. I am proud of you. You are a fine man. Your birthday is December 17, a week and a day before Christmas. Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” Thank you for helping to make our country free.

  73. So many people are thinking of you and are grateful for your courage and resolve. You will be free although I doubt it seems so now.

    Happy Birthday!

  74. Your service to Truth and Justice has inspired millions worldwide. All people of good will wish for you on your birthday FREEDOM, and the fulfillment of your dreams.

  75. To Bradley Manning,

    It’s with my most profound feeling that I write to you, having followed your (as much as I could read and hear) non-compromising history and yearn for human dignity and justice.

    You are one of and as such in this moment of time, maybe the only one of a few military professional personalities on this Planet today, who confirms the standing for International-Law-Integrity and true honor within the U.S.-Military and in battle.

    I wish you well, and very well, so that your Human-(military)-Integrity may help humanity to overcome the ordeal and continuation of warfare.

    Jacob Roodenburg. (The Netherlands)

  76. I hope your next birthday will be better than the last one. Defending what is right takes courage, many are watching from here in Canada, too !!

  77. People from the UK and around the world are behind you and full of admiration for your actions. The USA do not understand how bad their mis-treatment and persecution looks, particularly when compared to their human rights criticism of other countries.

    Freedom of information will always win eventually. I’m proud of you. Happy 25th.

    Paul, UK

  78. You can’t justify selling out your country! You will live forever as a traitor to most and burn in hell with Jane Fonda. Just like her one day you will try to make up but it can never be undone. It will haunt you till the end of your miserable life!

    • The above message appears to be from a person who exhibits a complete failure to understand that his nation has indulged in atrocity as a matter of national policy. When Hitler was supported by exactly such persons as Jeffrey M. Leavitt, those persons were often later brought to face their atrocities. Many other serious crimes are committed by the United States of America, due to its having such hatefully blind followers.

      • Michael,

        It is quite possible that Jeffery very well understands the situation. You have to remember that many people have played a role in the atrocities you speak of… often not realizing what they have been involved in until it is “too late”.

        Many of these people are not bad, but I can well imagine some will struggle to accept what they have contributed to.

        Jeffery’s attack on Bradley may well be his way of avoiding his own sense of guilt and grief. Either way, I have pity on him also.

      • AMEN. My Country is filled with IGNORANT, BIGOTED, HATEFUL People who have no idea whatsoever of the meaning of the words DUTY and HONOR. When they print the next dictionary, all they have to put after DUTY and HONOR is PFC. Bradley Manning.

  79. Bradley:
    Your ability to take on this huge burden for all of us is greatly appreciated and awe inspiring. I have a 29 yr old son and could not imagine how difficult it would be for me to see him in your shoes.
    I wish you a Happy Birthday and I wish you and your family peace and freedom in the year to come.
    Mel BRaverman, Madison wi

  80. Dear Bradley,
    I want to send you words of encouragement. I think of you all the time and I wish you more courage, stamina and continuing steady moral fortitude. You have set such a good example of all of those. I will think of you on your Birthday. You have proven that it was important that you were born.
    Respectfully Yours,

  81. Dear Bradley Manning,

    Thank you for your patriotism and for the sacrifice that you have made for being courageous and following your oath to the Constitution of the United States. You are not forgotten and millions are following your plight and your struggle for justice.

    You are not alone. Ever.

    Happy Birthday.
    Douglas Jackson

  82. Bradley, though I haven’t written you, I have held events and networked – http://www.global-spring.net/campaigns/free-wikileaks-whistle-blower-bradley-manning – and created info-posters about you – http://www.livingtogethernetwork.net/turning-the-tide.htm – … and since you were first arrested, I’ve written articles for the Bradley Manning Support Network about the significance of your act and of humanity’s Solidarity with you… and I have held you in my heart — like a son. You are our world’s supreme icon of the Human Conscience!!! And though they tried SO HARD to break you, YOU ARE SHARP< BRIGHT< INSPIRED< READY to TAKE on the WORLD!! I love you, Bradley! Happy Birthday!! Katharine Daw

  83. Bradley, though I haven’t written you, I have held events and networked – http://www.global-spring.net/campaigns/free-wikileaks-whistle-blower-bradley-manning – and created info-posters about you – http://www.livingtogethernetwork.net/turning-the-tide.htm – … and since you were first arrested, I’ve written articles for the Bradley Manning Support Network about the significance of your act and of humanity’s Solidarity with you… and I have held you in my heart — like a son. You are our world’s supreme icon of the Human Conscience!!! And though they tried SO HARD to break you, YOU ARE SHARP, BRIGHT, INSPIRED, READY to TAKE on the WORLD!! I love you, Bradley! Happy Birthday Katharine Dawn

  84. Dear Bradley,

    You are a hero! thank you for what you have done for huminity.

    Hang in there,
    Best wishes,
    Love – Lotta

  85. I think you are the bravest of the brave to speak out against the power of the State and a President wno judges you guilty when,as a lawyer, he knows he is wrong and you are doing what is right.

  86. In my englisch for runaways, I try to say what I feel.
    I’am very happy, that there are people on this world like you, which stood on the sight of life, liberty and humanity …. and only tough people like you will be the hope in our world !

  87. Dear Bradley,
    You are a brave soldier. You are a good soldier. Reporting war crimes is not a crime. You stand and speak for us all. Thank you. My gratitude is yours.

  88. Last night you received the Community Peacemakers Award from a Boston Peace group (Dorchester People for Peace). Your telling the Truth has made our community and communities all over the world, a safer place in which to live.
    Thank you.

  89. Dear Bradley,

    By now, you must know that you have ALREADY changed the world in so many ways. The courage you’ve displayed is simply awe-inspiring to literally thousands, if not millions of people around the world. I’ve followed your case since the beginning, and it is amazing to see how many people believe in you and your cause. Stay strong, never give up, and always remember you are appreciated.

  90. Bradley, I’d like to see you released immediately and those who are responsible for your awful incarceration take your place behind bars. They, not you, are the traitors to our country and constitution. You have set the bar awfully high for your countrymen who wish to do the right thing yet lack your degree of courage. I salute you for what you have done out of real concern for the future of our country.

  91. Hi Bradley. A birthday- and Christmaswish from Denmark. Often wondered why you are, were you are? Having been in the line of duty for 22 years (police) I have a hard time understanding why soldiers work can`t stand the public eye like every other honest work? If done properly and after the rules, there should be nothing to hide. You are a giant among dwarfs. All the best Jan

  92. Bradley, I respect and admire what you have done and are doing. During my years in the Marine Corps and since, I have continued to seek and acknowledge patriots. You are a patriot. I stand with you in the face of those who say otherwise. Blessings for your well-being.

    Jim Lovestar (USMC, 1968-71)

  93. Hi and Happy Birthday! You, Bradley alongside JC, Gandhi and Bugs Bunny are among my heroes… Yep, Obama could with a wave of his pen, now do the right thing for you, as you actually continue to do for Humanity. You bring HOPE to the world. Clearly, waR does not.

    peaCeaNDloveandnOMorewaR from the UK

  94. Bradley, you are an inspiration to millions of Americans who see you not only as a soldier but a present day and future hero! Blessings, peace, joy, Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, and a Blessed New Year 2013!
    George M Melby, Pastor/Chaplain (Ret.)

  95. Dear Bradley,
    Your personal integrity moves me to tears. You make the world a better place. Truth is truth, and blind patriotism is just that: Blind. Happy Birthday with my deepest respect and gratitude.

  96. Dear Bradley,

    Thank you for putting yourself on the line by expressing loyalty to the best ideals of your country and basic human rights. I hope this year brings an end to your ordeal, inflicted by those who have misguided ideas about patriotism and justice, and are grantd the freedom to enjoy your life in peace. Many people around the world are grateful to you for your courage and dignity.

  97. Dear Bradley,

    A famous person once wrote “Four walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage”. Even though you are not “free” in the sense that most people think of that word, you are freer than most people will ever be. You have spoken the truth and have endured the wrath of your oppressors, the very people who wanted to hide the truth and continue their treacherous behavior. You have given hope and strength to those who despair of being able to change the world. You have done all of this with dignity and honor. You are a man of integrity, a rare being, and one who should be, and is, valued and treasured throughout the world. My wish for your birthday is that you can receive and understand this, and face your fate with an open heart, knowing you have nothing to fear or hide. With great love and admiration, Uma

  98. I hope you have a good birthday and the criminals that are detaining you will release you soon. You did the right thing for your country and fellow Americans. I thank you. Best wishes for the upcomming holidays and hope you will be released by then.

  99. Dear Bradley Manning,
    Not only are you the most important political prisoner of the 21st century, but the fact that your detention and trial are not covered widely and with the prominence they deserve (historically speaking) is emblematic of corporate control of the press. The U.S. is a mighty global empire, faltering, attempting to stave off its inevitable demise by throwing power around. You bear witness to this, and for that reason you have been persecuted.

    Information wants to be free, and you freed a lot of it! We are deeply grateful.

    I wish you a happy birthday and I assure you that millions around the world know about you, care about you, and follow your case with keen interest.

  100. What little support I can add to the endorsement of your cause by Daniel Ellsberg, I humbly and wholeheartedly add. The release of the “collateral murder” tape, by whoever was responsible or takes responsibility, was especially salutary for our national body politic. It reveals that the actions of our air force in theater were either negligent (incompetent identification of targets as armed) in training or supervision, or malicious (as other reports of attacks on un-embedded journalists suggest). And, while the release of diplomatic secrets would ordinarily be a dangerous travesty that could threaten our nation’s ability to negotiate peace, it seems that the diplomatic files released were internal memos whose release threatened nothing more than to embarrass public officials. There was nothing, or nearly nothing (I’ve not read them all) in any of those releases that could legitimately be classed a national security secret. You, dear and esteemed Mr. Manning (pfc) are rightly acclaimed a hero if “guilty” and a hero for enduring unconscionable treatment if not.

  101. Dear Bradley, Happy 25th Birthday, valiant friend. I honor your integrity and grit to stand up for and tell the truth in the face of unknown punishment. My spouse and I worked with church organizations in Viet Nam during that war and know that all war violates human rights, and most just serve big business looking for access to other nation’s resources. These wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, particularly, fought without any provocation from those people, are heartsickening. You have done a great service to humanity, and to us US citizens. Thank you, Bradley. I wish you continued courage and joy in doing right, hopefully outside the bars, but where ever you are. In gratitude..

  102. Best wishes on your birthday from the Land of the Inkas, Cusco ,where Machupicchu stands as a witness and guardian of sharing light, knowledge and wisdom amongs its Hatun Runa ( dwellers).
    What you did is written in Heavens and shall be taken in to consideration in the coming Physical Final Judgement.
    Your trials and hardships are part of the evolutionary process on ascension or penalty …God or your conscience will tell
    Good job
    Qoa ( celestial jaguar)

  103. Every true American needs to send him cards with bulls eyes targets on them so the executioners can pin them over where his heart would be if he had one.

    • Rob – you are obviously trying to troll, how very pathetic. This is not your first comment – and there’s a decent gap between them, meaning you actually keep coming back to have a little look! No reaction? Oh well, I’ll try and write a more offensive comment then :-p
      Nobody who actually wasn’t interested in Bradley Manning would repeatedly return to http://www.bradleymanning.org, would they?
      By now, hopefully you’ve moved on with your lame little life – and given the lack of responses to you it seems most people smelled the stench of your trolling a mile off – but I figured I’d highlight it, just incase.
      “Rob” – not his real name – cowardly dim-witted troll, most likely lacks a hobby.
      “Bradly Manning” – world class hero for peace, integrity, honor & freedom.

  104. Dear Bradley:
    From Spain, I expect and pray because a hero since your it could continue in foot. To his family I wish peace and hope him and that please this year 2013 is good and joust so much for them as for you. That God blesses, of any heart.

  105. A great american once said , ” a patriot must always be prepared to defend his country , against it’s own government ” .

  106. Dear Bradley, you are a hero to so many of us including my 10 and 13 year-old sons. It hurts deeply that our own government is responsible for your imprisonment and torture. We want to send you strength and energy and the knowledge that you are not alone. You are loved and admired and we pray for the day you will be free. Connelly, Frederick MD

  107. Dear Bradley,

    Sometimes I think that every person is a prisoner of his/her thoughts; we all need inner freedom from our own prejudice and paranoid imaginations. I guess you learn a lot about this.
    I am so proud of you and from the hard winter in Sweden I wish you the best for your birthday and the next year: after winter there is always spring – may it come soon!
    I will celebrate your birthday with candles in the snow, and that´s exactly what you are: a light in darkness!

  108. Dear Bradley,

    Your case was brought to my attention by Peter Tatchell, the UK equality rights campaigner who is a tireless activist for anyone who is true to the good they know in their hearts to be morally right. I want to let you know that you have friends here who are wishing you well and hoping for your release and an end to this tiresome nonsense that I’m sure is testing your patience. I myself know what it feels like to be deprived of your liberty and I only hope that you are able to hold on to the truth you have followed and never give up, whatever idiotic nonsense is thrown at you.

    best wishes,


  109. Bradley,
    I wish you a happy birthday!
    I want you to know you have been in my prayers and meditaitons for your freedom since this ordeal of yours first began.
    As a vetran of the US Army (1968-71) I want to extend my thanks for your extreme work of courage.
    I will continue to keep you in my prayers and I hold to the hope that we will one day meet. I look forward to shaking your hand.
    Nashville, TN.

  110. Bradley, This is to honor and thank you for your
    bravery and sense of mercy and justice. You have
    given our country the greatest opportunity of a real democracy– to self-correct, and only democracies can self-correct. I’m very disappointed that the mood of shortsightedness, fear and cruelty now prevalent, has prevented that wise response. Don’t fear. You have already won and are already free in the most important and deepest way. I celebrate your young, brave soul. It is the soul of tomorrow.

  111. Dear Bradley,
    Last spring, American veterans who served in Afghanistan rode almost 500 miles up the Natchez Trace to celebrate Bradley Manning Days in Nashville, TN.
    Your intelligence and courage inspire all of us who dare to work for peace and justice. I pray this is your last birthday in prison and that you will celebrate many more in freedom as you serve your heart’s highest ideals. Love, Eliz

  112. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays Bradley. I know they will not be what you would like them to be. I hope and pray that you will be exonerated soon. You have been so brave and acted for all of us against the forces of injustice. Many could not have tolerated what you’ve gone through. I hope the future makes up for your lost years incarcerated unjustly by a failed military complex. God bless you and joy and light be with you always. In gratitude, Linda Bailey

  113. Thank you for stripping away the lies of the American government so the People could see the war crimes & crimes against humanity committed in our name. Bradley Manning, you are a genuine American hero & an inspiration to many who know right from wrong & wish to reestablish an American republic based upon law and justice, rather than the militarist state we now endure which purports to represent democratic ideals but truthfully makes a mockery of them. You are a truly good man.

  114. Happy Birthday Breanna!

    I hope you can still have happy days under your current circumstances!

    I hope we can meet some day, soon, and speak of pleasant things.

    Be well.


  115. Bradley Manning wanted to make a positive difference to U.S. society. He certainly did. Those people who were attempting to make negative differences to U.S. society, realized the effectiveness that shedding light on their nefarious dealings, corrupting the U.S. government, reacted with the hysterical fear from guilt, even to the extent of torturing Bradley Manning. Bradley Manning’s mistreatment is proof of the extent of the U.S. government’s culpability.
    –R.T. Thomes (Amsterdam)

  116. I very much appreciate a comment attributed to you: ““God knows what happens now. Hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms… I want people to see the truth… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

    And yes, may you be released from prison soon so that you can offer your talents and commitment to a world that needs them! Best wishes for your birthday and always!

  117. Happy birthday Bradley; you’re an inspiration to all who ‘re fighting the powers that be. Take good care of yourself and hope to see you acquitted and free of all charges.

  118. Keep “hanging on”…The wise people have already seen the good that you’ve accomplished. You are a true hero to many people. The other group of people might take a bit longer to understand the significance of what you did, and perhaps, never will, but that’s OK. Best wishes…
    Christopher Flynn and family

  119. I cannot possibly add anything of real substance to the words of all those who have expressed their profoundest gratitude to you for doing what very few of us would have the courage, endurance or moral fortitude to do. Your self-sacrifice in the service of truth and transparency reveals how cheap the usual rhetoric of patriotism is, and should serve as an exemplum of the real struggle in which we as citizens of the world should also engage: to unmask and bring to an end the killing, oppression, injustice and exploitation our country is responsible for. It is my most fervent hope that you may find some serenity and comfort during this season which is traditionally given over to an espousal of peace, tolerance and mutual assistance. May your 25th birthday be the last in custody.

  120. Thank you for the efforts you have made for all of us. Your freedom will bring freedom to many. I look forward to that day. Hope you find ways to be happy and stay strong.

  121. It’s inspiring to see such courage and integrity from such a young man. My hope is that you will be set free, as what you did was to support the people who have been kept in the dark about our govt.’s missions and actions! Thank you, Bradley Manning!

  122. The world can never thank you enough for what you have done for the love for justice. You are a beam of light in a world of darkness. I am sure that the good God will give you back what you deserve.
    God Bless You.

  123. Happy Happy Birthday Bradley Manning,
    The accusations against you and your imprisonment remind me of the illusion of freedom. Pray that you will be free soon

  124. Millions of People are praying for your ordeals to come to an end as soon as possible.

    Eventually, we will see that you get your life back.

    Hang in there, son.

    Charles Brannan

  125. There are alot of people who believe you are innocent. Me amongst them. If it is claimed you had access to the information logic dictates that so could any one else. Petitions are circulating in the UK, honesty and you knowing your truth is what matters and is what we who support you trust.

  126. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BRADLEY FROM GERMANY – I BOW TO YA my dear friend – just imgaine the day you will leave the jail forever and it will come true – I am sending you much love + light – I will pray for you – pEaCe aLwAyS – ALEXANDRA

  127. You are a true heroe! Thanks for showing the world the real spirit of a heroe. God bless you!

    Ecuador – south America

  128. Dear Bradley,

    We also pray for you every Saturday at church because my sister put you on the list.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADLEY. You did good. We are waiting and watching for justice and peace.
    Praying for you every day.

  129. Dear Bradley,

    Sending Birthday wishes to let you know that you are not forgotten in the struggle.

    I am a radio talk show host on Orion Talk Radio network and we continue to expose the truth to millions. The truth…it’s an idea whose time has come.

    Many blessings to you, best regards and much respect!

  130. Hello Bradley,

    You are the conscience of millions of people around the world. I salute your bravery. Through torture you never lost sight of the truth and went far above and beyond the call of duty. Our president can never reach the high standard of morality you set. Hopefully more of our soldiers will be as heroic and come forward with the truth. Know that most of the world stands with you.

    Happy Birthday Bradley,
    Joe Mungai

  131. saludos Bradley

    Te saludo y veo que sos un joven muy valiente, que cree en la verdad…….Espero que Dios haga justicia con vos tambien…….Y que podas salir pronto, y que podas lograr la felicidad nuevamente. Que estas fiestas de fin de año te sean portadoras de mucho Amor..
    Besitos. Any

  132. __ Brave Man Bradley Manning … know that we Love you … and we want to see you Health & Free .
    ___ Free Bradley Manning .

  133. Just wanted to say hAppY birthdaY to ya, hope all is as well as can be considering …
    Thanks for being a true Patriot & Human, the Founders would be proud of you for revealing bad/evil amongst us. The system/gov is wrong period! and bringing it to light as you did is morally correct, the right action despite what they say – do. The Founders meant for us to be a decent nation/people, not the BS that is currently happening. We were meant to be a Constitutional Republic by and for us The People. Its OUR tax money $$ that pays for ALL this crap so we have a right to know and decide!

    Stay tough & true, don’t worry ’bout a court martial. the sooner you get out of that corrupt institution the better! we are supporting you!!!


  134. Happy Birthday Bradley.. I pray and hope that you will leave jail soon. You are the true hero. We love you here in Australia. God bless and keep you safe.
    Lots of love and hugs..

  135. As a VietNam Vet I am so saddened by the actions against you Bradley. You are one of the few I call Hero.May God bless and keep you safe till the day of your release. This is our prayer for you every day.

  136. Dear Bradley, as a parent of 3 children (one of whom is your age) and a grandmother I honour and salute you… for your courage, integrity,unwavering honesty in the light of adversity and inhumane treatment, and staying true to yourself. It is people such as yourself who will live in the annals of history as a fundamental cornerstone of the awakening, enlightening, and uniting of mankind. You have done a service to humanity few would dare encroach, and your commendable actions and courage will ensure the freedom of future generations, my grandchildren included.
    Stay strong dear friend..you are in the prayers thoughts and hearts of many,mine included, and the power of that is just as great as your courage.
    I hope & pray that your next birthday will see you free and enjoying it with those you love. You ARE a TRUE hero.

  137. Happy Birthday.

    You are fighting the good fight as the elites and the bankers are hell bent on making this world a poorer place.

    You have stood up for justice and truth while others seek to destroy the constitution.

    All praise to you Bradley Manning.

  138. You are a great and powerful man Bradley Manning. Your courage has inspired millions and will continue to…your name will be written in history books….

  139. Dear Bradley,
    happy birthday from Austria/EU!
    If you see something, say something – unless it’s war crimes committed by the government? No!
    You didn’t back away, you spoke up, in my opinion you should be rewarded the Nobel Peace Prize!
    I count on justice to prevail. My very best wishes to you, dear Bradley,

  140. Happy Birthday Bradley!
    I wish you are going to be out of jail soon.
    I´m really thankful for people like you showing the truth. You are a real hero and you will never be forgotten. I hope you can feel how many people are praying for you to give you the strenght to get through this hard time.
    Keep your head up!
    Sven G. from Germany

  141. These comments are crazy…this guy is a traitor and a disgrace to this nation. We are at war what do you think happens when we go to war that we give out f’in lollipops and cookies?

    If your not with us your against us!I

  142. Dear Bradley,

    According to the meaning of Freedom, you have done nothing wrong by being a journalist when realizing that the information that you discovered could not be kept a secret. This is what you know to be patriotic, since the reality that you discovered obviously clearly showed that humanity in itself was and has been wrapped into the slavery of the secret objectives of lords of power. As you will forever be praised with is the loyalty to God by breaking open the dangerous Pandora`s Box which has been lying to everyone and showing the truth about how corrupt government really is. You will be free soon, you are a Hero !

  143. Bradley,
    Happy Birthday & Merry Christmas & may freedom come to you on 2013!!! You’re the greatest inspiration and sample to so many of us. Your action has triggered so many events that you’ll never even image. Please keep up the faith, hope, and love in the Lord. With many blessings, light, love, strength and courage, Camelia

  144. I admire you. I am teaching my children to be brave and truthful like you. We are sorry things are hard. We will continue to work for your release. We will continue to keep your name in the air.
    Do you sing? Do you read?
    I hope so.
    Thank you brave person. You have helped your contemporary humans.

  145. Happy Birthday Bradley, your bravery is an inspiration, what has been done to you is a massive injustice and stain on our society.

  146. I’m an older man with 3 sons around your age. I point to you as their exemplar, and would be proud to call you my own. To see such courage, honesty and morality in one so young fills me with hope. You make us all proud anyway. I believe you will prevail.
    Best wishes,
    Murray, family, and friends in New Zealand

  147. Dear Bradley,

    We wish you a beautiful birthday and Xmas, even though they are not in the best circumstances. Know that many many people think about you in the world and we hope that our thoughts give you strength and makes you feel warm, we believe in you, thank you for opening people’s eyes and reminding us our duty as human beings

  148. I can only hope that in the same situation I would have been and continue to be as brave as you! May you be peaceful, may you be happy, may you be healthy, may you be free from fear!

  149. Happy belated birthday, Bradley!

    Wishing you all the strength you need! Also wishing you a merry christmas and hopefully a better new year!
    Happy belated birthday, Bradley!

    Wishing you all the strength you need! Also wishing you a merry christmas and hopefully a better new year!
    Will be praying for you…

    (from the Netherlands).

    (from the Netherlands).

    • I hope so, as I just sent a xmas card… hope it gets to him. He is in such a difficult situation. Obama should have the guts to recognize a wrong has been committed and release him. Not much hope there.

  150. Belated Happy BD and slightly early MX to Brad.

    I don’t know what the word “Christmas” would even mean where you are—-probably no more than an extra half tablespoon of beans on your tray in the chow line but whatever, I do wish you the best and hope you realize how many of us there are out here who have got your six.

  151. I can’t imagine what you have been through alone against the Junta USA on behalf of mankind.

    Happy Prison Birthday
    and thank you

  152. Happy Birthday Bradley from Australia. My husband I are believing you will be released given what you have gone through. Please hold strong knowing so many believe in you.
    Thinking of you through this difficult time.

    Debbie Smith

  153. Hi Bradley

    One day the world will be a very different place and your actions will be seen in the light of this, so hang on in there because justice will prevail.

  154. Bradley I salute your courage. You represent the best traditions of the USA. Shame so many of your nation’s establishment fail to see this. Like Daniel Ellsberg you history will exonerate you.

    I wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013.

    Freedom for Bradley Manning in 2013.

  155. Dear Bradley,
    I think about you EVERY DAY and wish I could trade places with you just to give you some respite. You are serving a purpose – never doubt that. Those who have tortured and humiliated you – I don’t know how they live with themselves. Stay resolute. I send you love and strength.

  156. dear pfc brad~
    you’re awesome, and so is/are your lawyer/legal team.
    thank you more than words can say for your sacrifice to save us from this evil crypto-fascism.
    hope you received my (3) belated & xmas cards in the brig. my thoughts & prayers are with you always.
    with wishes for a brighter 2013 to you and all your supporters.
    love ya!

  157. Dear Brave Boy,We are with you,You have millions of supporters..what you did was heroic and outstandingly brave.There is Nothing Bigger Than The Truth, Governments and Political systems gets changed..But the Truth,The Truth is All the time there.On the end of the road..there is only..:I and my personal responsibility..And You Made the Right Choice!!!
    Stay Strong!! We will Get You Out Of This Nightmare! !! Cause we care!!!
    Love and more love

  158. Hi Bradley from Australia….You are a very strong person….keep up the great work exposing the war crimes…We thinking people of the world really appreciate your tenacity…Your respective governments and leaders are pathetic…You are strong and should be released IMMEDIATELY….Thanks for supporting Wikileaks and Julian Assange, an Aussie….Keep good health…YOU ARE A MARTYR….

  159. I know it probably comes as no consolation considering your present living circumstances, but you are one of the few honest-to-god outlaw heroes presently extant. Your bravery is utterly authentic. That our beloved parochial state wants to rub you out should be proof that you’ve done something profoundly correct. If we have any decency as a nation, you will be free sooner rather than later. Be strong, you’ve done nothing wrong!

  160. Hey BD, your courage gives me so much hope. I read the entire chat logs and I really respect your idealism. I think A Lamo was an ass for giving you up. You deserve the deepest respect and gratitude. Praying for your release. Stay strong!

  161. Dear Bradley,

    I am 67 years old and witnessed the patriotrism of Daniel Ellsberg, which I have never forgottena and honor to this day.

    When I read the news of all of the darkness in the world today I sometimes think of you and your courage as you fight for democracy and the prequisite transparancy to protect the United States experiment of the 18th century. If fulfilled your actions and those of your kindred spirits would bring the dream of forefathers into the rality of our present day.

    Please know that like so many other people I think of you every daywith great concern. You are not alone.

    Thank you, which does not even approach the degree of gratitude that I have in my heart for you.

    Steven Seligman

  162. Dear Bradley,

    Thank you for your bravery.

    We live in a crazy world. You are clearly a hero and it is insane that you are treated as a criminal.

    I think of you very often and hope that you can keep the strength of pride in yourself during this ridiculous ordeal. It is my hope that you will be released and feted as you should be.

    In my heart you are a hero. Thank you.

  163. Dear Bradley Manning,
    As a service member with a security clearance of my own I take issue with the amount of support being given to you for a clear violation not only of your agreement with the United States government, but the service-members you served with and the American people as a whole. You acted entirely independently of any kind of due process which exists within the Intelligence Community and the Armed Forces. Any perceived violation of human rights could be brought up the chain of command. The method by which you took issue with the United States’ mission overseas is completely detrimental to your cause. You completely sacrificed your integrity.
    No matter which way you spin it, you signed a document swearing allegiance to the American Flag and the Executive Branch of the United States, not to your ideologies of transparency. That document is a binding document which you clearly and utterly violated, not only giving information to the American People, but the entire world. American soldiers, and American people, have been harmed due to the information you released. No matter your intent, you caused tremendous damage to the United States government a whole; the very nation you swore under oath to protect. Classified information is classified for a reason; not to protect the United States appearance, but to protect United States citizens.
    Fortunately, you are not being held under “torture-like” conditions anymore. You are in prison just like every criminal in the world. Albeit, the brig is probably a little worse. Unfortunately for you, you willingly and knowingly joined the Armed services. Any punishment you suffer was clearly and pointedly made clear to you from the beginning. If that is courageous, then so is any other kind of breaking the law.
    Your support by the world at large infuriates me. Your displeasure with the United States service took the form of causing outright damage rather than reforming the system from within. Your legacy is not deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. You created havoc, war and chaos, and should in no way, shape or form be proud. Your efforts have led to the destabilization of regions, the loss of life, and at least opened the gateway to fundamentalist groups.
    I sincerely hope your 16 years in the brig will silence your petulance.

    David Polsdorfer

    • David, where are you drawing your information about the “havoc, war and chaos” created by these leaks? The Gov’t/Prosecution’s assessments have suggested they may have caused some embarrassment and expense, but no risk to troops or loss of life.

    • I too am a service member, but I do not have the same belief system as David Polsdorfer. It is true that Bradley Manning made a promise,to uphold and protect the United States, just as I have. Never anywhere in that promise was to promote propaganda, hide the truth from the public, or to allow innocent people to basically be murdered. Perhaps he should’ve followed the chain of command, but by the looks of that tape, the chain of command was going way beyond what they were supposed to do.
      Mr. Polsdorfer, what is your definition of integrity? If you represent even 5% of what our government represents, I think I may move to Switzerland.
      Had I been the one to see these videos and lies, I only hope I would have the same courage as Mr. Manning.
      When we look back on history, we look down upon those leaders who followers killed innocent victims. Yet, is it any different, to you David Polsdorfer if America is doing the same thing, killing innocent people? That is what causes havor, war and chaos, and destabilization of regions, and obviously loss of life.
      Mr. Manning deserves our support. He took brave and honorable steps, unlike the follower-type steps of others in the military.

    • “The most effectual means of preventing [the perversion of power into tyranny are] to illuminate, as far as practicable, the minds of the people at large, and more especially to give them knowledge of those facts which history exhibits, that possessed thereby of the experience of other ages and countries, they may be enabled to know ambition under all its shapes, and prompt to exert their natural powers to defeat its purposes.”

      Thomas Jefferson: Diffusion of Knowledge Bill, 1779. FE 2:221, Papers 2:526

    • “Truth is dangerous. It topples palaces and kills kings. It stirs gentle men to rage and bids them take up arms. It wakes old grievances and opens forgotten wounds. It is the mother of the sleepless night and the hag-ridden day. And yet there is one thing that is more dangerous than Truth. Those who would silence Truth’s voice are more destructive by far.

      “It is most perilous to be a speaker of Truth. Sometimes one must choose to be silent, or be silenced. But if a truth cannot be spoken, it must at least be known. Even if you dare not speak truth to others, never lie to yourself.”

      ― Frances Hardinge, Fly by Night

    • Your comments are despicable and cowardly. Anyone can follow orders and do what he’s told. PFC Manning acted against the law, yes, but for a morally righteous cause. He, unlike the drones I served with, is a real hero.

    • Bradley Manning released no information that would harm our “national security”.

      He had the courage to whistle blow on murdering of innocent citizens, including a young journalist and medics.

      I guess if you had served under Hitler, you would have gladly, without question, shot the Jews and Gypsies lined up.

      Heil Bush!

      (And after over a decade of research, 9/11 was a false flag operation).

      David, you are without conscious, a robot, a tool.

      Military men are “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns for foreign policy.

      Henry Kissinger, National Security Advisor to Nixon, 1973. (War Criminal, Freemason, Zionist, White House Advisor during the Iraq and Afghan wars). The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein

  164. The world will get better, the world will always get better, if people like you exists!!
    Thank you for your bravery!!
    Thank you for your bravery!!!
    Thank you for your bravery!!!!

  165. Dear Bradley,
    I have been following your heroic journey since the outset! What you did took courage and continues to take courage. Just know that there are millions supporting you and the choice you made to reveal the Truth – you have created a situation where the average person on the street can have access to what is really going on. Without your bravery these conversations could not be happening! You are in my thoughts and prayers constantly!

  166. Tena koe, Bradley! Nga mihi aroha ki a koe! Greetings toyou, Bradley. Loving tributes to you. Letter on its way from Aotearoa/New Zealand!

  167. My wife and I believe that Bradley Manning is a true American hero. Unfortunately, our military and our political government condemn the moralist.

  168. I just wanted to say that I applaud your bravery. In all honesty, I don’t think I could have done what you did. But now, maybe I can. For me, this is truly great.

  169. Bradley, I want you to know I think you are a hero. You should not be in jail but you should be celebrated for the brave thing you did.

  170. Bradley is truly courageous ,He did”nt sign up to become a liar.
    I feel he knew the outcome,,& would rather the unjust punishment
    than completely loose his ethics.,He’s a hero to millions,who don’t
    have his strength ,but think of him every day.& will him to freedom.

  171. During your court martial trial you should try to get the corpsman that carried the wounded child to his vehicle ….Spc. Ethan Mccord and his friend….Spc. Josh Stieber to be at your defense in some way.
    Somehow you must also present clearly that you were following the UCMJ in two very basic ways. #One…that the Soldiers Oath sworn to at the time of enlistment requires you to defend the United States from all enemies, Foreign and Domestic and to uphold the Constitution and treaties signed and that therefore those who cause damage to our country by their criminal actions against civilians or others of our country or foreign countries or by commiting WAR CRIMES and being complicit in covering them up are the gratest of dangers to our country’s National Security. #2…Since those in your chain of command found it to their advantage not to follow up on the war crimes you made them aware of then your superiors at the time should be on trial as enemies of our country because of the Geneva Convention and the Hague Convention for international humanitarian law which gives rise to individual criminal responsibility. Those that commited such crimes in Iraq and those that attempted to cover up such crimes there….and are now doing so by means of your trial should be made aware that they are complicit in them and the very serious damage they are doing to the National Security of Our Nation by their criminal actions. They also must be made aware that ther is no statute of limitations on such war crimes or complicity in murders committed and that the future leaders of countries we have done these crimes to will evettually take them to task for what has been done. Such a possibility it seems may happen sooner than expected because of what is presently happening all over the world with economies and political upheaval everywhere.
    The internal memoes you released and the diplomatic messages only had shown the severe corruption that permeates the minds and actions of those who have the responsibility to protect our country.Those are the very criminal plans and actions that they themselves should be placed on trial for. You are the one that has protected our National Security by informing the people of all the corruption, lies and missleading information within them. Your trial is a fabrication by the real enemies and traitors to our country and every last one of them should be hung by the neck till dead.
    Stephen Coyle USNR, CTM

    my blog…www.allusionstoillusions.blogspot.com

  172. I will ask of God through prayer and fasting that He helps you overcome accusations of being a traitor and enemy of the state. Recognize you as a true WHISTLEBLOWER for the good of the people of this country and the citizens of other countries. God Bless you and never lose hope Bradley, I am praying for you and will continue to do so always for your bravery the good citizen that you are.

  173. Thanks for speaking up Brad.. I am proud of you… and as a Canadian I can only hope that our country treats our military whistle blowers better than what you received.That your life is on the line for the benefit you have done for mankind is one more travesty by the United States.
    I support you as do so many others.


  174. Bradley Manning,

    You are a hero and I thank you for loving the American people so much that you would not allow thoughtless murderers and calculated brutalizers of innocent people to hide behind our beautiful flag.

    You truly served this country by being a champion of the truth and a protector of humanity and for exposing such devastating sickness and corruption within our military systems. My hope is that this trial will result in your being found innocent, because you are innocent, and you risked your life to protect the innocent which is what makes you most deserving of high honors and unencumbered citizenship in the land of the free and the home of the brave. May you be home with your family and friends soon.

    Thank you so much for your continued sacrifice. I am sorry that you have to endure this persecution.

  175. Dear Bradley,

    Thank you for having the courage to whistle blow on how corrupt our military is.

    You are in my prayers each night.

    Know in your heart, you did the right thing.

    Wish I could say something to comfort you.

    Very rarely does a hero come along, you are such a person.

    You should have gotten the Nobel Peace Prize and not Obama.

    Stay strong, stay brave.

    May the Good Lord bless and watch over you.


  176. Dear and admired Brad,
    You must know that all live humanity is in debt with you. May be you are awaer of it. If not, let me tell you – I’m from México -, that you’ve done a huge, inmense action in order, no to prevent, but to stop these sort of atrocities which apears in all the documents you´ve let to know. I feel terrible bad about your situation in prision. I´ll do my bes effort, firstly, many people know this, and secondly, you get free. Up with you, for ever!
    Hopefully you red it!

  177. Mr Manning, You have support and respect the whole world over, every right thinking person on the planet is proud of you. Your only enemies are the evil power crazed maniacs at the top of the US military, I so hope you get the justice that you deserve, and the ones responsible for your incarceration get their just deserts in hell, best wishes and good luck. Edward

  178. Hello Bradley,
    I come from a very small village in the mountains of Catalonia. When I was little I wanted to grow up and buy a ranch in Texas…Every Sunday there were a couple of Hollywood films shown at the local cinema and I felt in love with the Apache Indians and the wonderful horses.
    I loathe everything your country stands for but I bless you for your courage and integrity. You are not alone. Be strong! Eva

  179. Dearest Bradley Manning

    The Oxford Dictionary defines a hero as a person, “who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, and/or noble qualities.”
    Knowing and understanding this, and diligently following your story, this inspired me to write to you. You must know that I am from South Africa, and feel I am indebted to you for your courageous attempt’s to informing the world about the dark truth in the military. It pains me that you are not yet a free man, but from the global outcry to have you released, I feel this will not be for too long.
    All the best wishes all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, we wanna say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
    (Keep smiling, it looks good on you!)

    From Mr & Mrs Dollie

  180. Dear Bradley,

    Thank you for being the good man you are. Please know that your bravery is an inspiration to me, and to all of us. I hope and pray for your pardon at some early point. You are not the criminal here, we all know who they are.

    I’m an Occupier, and have been from the day I first read 3 words — “Occupy Wall St.” — in the NY Times. But what prepared me to be ready to receive that message of defiant resistance was, among other things, seeing the “Collateral Murder” video you helped expose to the world. What a disgusting display of barbarism!

    I’ve been an activist all my life. I’ve been arrested in civil disobedience, and have contributed my small measure of bravery and devotion to making our country better. But nothing I, or any of us, has done has come anywhere close to containing the BRAVERY and COURAGE you have shown, both in your acts and in your subsequent incarceration.

    Please know that you continue to inspire us. We will continue to struggle for a better nation, and a better world, and some of us will do it in your name.

    Please stay strong, Bradley. Please know you are in our minds, and in our hearts. We love you and we are family. And also know you have done enough. I can only imagine the kinds of pressure you are under. No matter what happens, going forward, we will support you without question.

  181. Hi, Bradley… regards from Barcelona, Spain. You case is all over the world, Even if your government tries to hide it. You are a real HERO. You are the human factor in all this nonesense wars. Watched the video you leaked. I cried. Thank you!! Keep the fight, you’re not alone!! Gracias y buena suerte.

  182. I think you should be let go to live free in the USA. It probably isn’t better than incarceration. In my 50 years I have been assaulted more than 8 times. I have been the victim of 4 identity theft situations. I was in an accident and left to die on the ground as my “fellow Americans” stepped over me to buy their snacks. I was hit by a car and only 2 people would help and I had to find my own way back home and to work with borrowed clothes. I have been robbed more than 8 times, once of nearly everything I owned by 4 fellows who were apprehended and deported so I was never reimbursed. In one accident the “fix” was a metal pole in my leg, which was to be removed upon healing, but it took 15 years of insurance and medical badgering to get it done. To be honest, though I deplore how you are treated, I wonder what you would endure in this country…it can be worse. I applaud your ethical integrity, but don’t see it as an American value, so I wonder how the law will be able to support actions on your case. Good luck!


  184. Hello Mr Bradley Manning, it is an honor to be able to have a Hero like you to fight for! America and it’s people are truly sorry for the Hell you have had to go through, and believe me Karma she doesnt forget!
    My sweet man, you should be awarded with the highest medal for being the bravest American EVER! I see the pics of you and I can’t help but cry because after everything you still have that boyish grin.
    There are so many people world wide working for your freedom, and thanks to anon’s everywhere facebook and other social networks have turned into a save Bradley Manning network! YOU ARE LOVED!
    Our President, and other leaders should hold their heads in pure shame, but instead they have to make you look like the bad guy but there are us and then there are them and we out number them by a few million!
    You shouldn’t have to be fighting for your freedom in the country that is suppose to be …THE HOME OF THE FREE!
    Keep your head up my friend, because there is a higher power who has your back, and I will see you soon!

  185. I do not give you any support at all. You are a treater to this country and to the US Military you. they shouldn’t have a trail for you and just treat you like every other person that has done this in the past, but you in a prison and forget about you. When he took his MOS he knew he couldn’t do that and that is the reason i dont support a trader to my country that i do have combat and not just once but many time plus lost friends in family, within Iraq and Afghan.

    • Your message is incoherent and only reflects the fact that you are uninformed. You are not an American if you have no concept of judging right from wrong on a higher level than blindly obeying those in power.

  186. Bradley-what a great man you are… I watched your video today and thank you for bring the truth to all of us.

    The truth will set you free and I hope it will soon.

    Good luck from Me and everyone here in Australia…

  187. I got his address from mailtojail.org and will certainly be writing to him from here in the UK. Please visit that site to support all the whistle blowers, activists and hacktivists currently serving prison sentences.

  188. I am posting here and will mail when I can. Godspeed and feel the strength at your back.

    All the love I have…….
















  189. Over the last few years I have written hundreds of letters to Brad. Never received a reply. Don’t know any other Brad supporters who have received a reply. So I stopped writing to Brad. Now days I write almost daily to President Obama, asking him to Free Bradley Manning. It is not clear to me why the support group keeps publishing Brad’s address … as he does not respond. President Obama does not respond either, but I think they at least place a check mark on a list of some sort.

    • Read the above- he only responds to family and close friends. He is not being ignorant. It would not be possible for him to reply to the huge amounts of public support/letters he receives.

  190. Thank you Bradley for your honesty, integrity and strength.

    Thousands of us are praying for you, in this difficult time of deceit and hypocrisy.

  191. Bradley Manning must be exonerated of all charges and awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. He is a true American hero, who responds much more closely to the values of our founding fathers than does anyone who is a part of the military-industrial-politica complex.

    • He is not a traitor. You are brainwashed and you have no morals or value of human life. Do you think it is okay for the US army to butcher a load of shepherds and their families for oil?

  192. Human dignity, human life and the freedom and well-being of the people do not depend on politicians from all sides around the world but on personalities like Bradley Manning. There are still too few of these – in your country and here in Germany as well.

  193. Bradley Manning is George Washington.
    Bradley Manning is Dr. Martin Luther King.
    Bradley Manning is Abraham Lincoln.
    Bradley Manning is Julian Assange.
    Bradley Manning is Samuel Adams.
    Bradley Manning is a Patriot.
    Bradley Manning is a Revolutionary.
    Bradley Manning is an AMERICAN Revolutionary.

  194. He’s done more for America than their own government has.

    Free him and award him the Nobel Peace Prize. He deserves it more than Obama does.

  195. Writing to Bradley provides him some felling of support, and shows him he is not alone. Write to him in the hope that it makes his long detention a bit more bearable. He cannot correspond with you, as anything he says may place him in more jeopardy. So just write to him because you care and want to remove some of his pain. Thank you for your support! Now you know why he cannot write back.

  196. Happy Fourth of July, Brad. No matter what happens, always remember that you have ennobled America with what you have done, and given your country and the world your full measure of devotion. Nothing could be finer than that.

    Along with my good wishes and deep respect come the same sentiments from millions around the world. Stay well, good friend.

  197. If you were my child, I’d say: “BE STRONG – things cd. always be worse!”… but my children would always have in mind “Why doesn’t she HELP me!” Sometimes, words is our only help. God Bless!

  198. Hi Bradley,
    I and many others know that you took heroic actions for the good of the country. We are with you, and will continue to speak out against your unjust treatment. One day kids on the fourth of July will celebrate you as an American hero. Stay strong,

  199. This is July 4th 2013 and I celebrate freedom, our constitution, and the goal of being a true democracy.

    Every time I am moved to say what a beautiful day it is, I remember that Bradley Manning is a political prisoner, shut in for following his conscience and helping us to be informed citizens. I am grateful for his sacrifice and am sorry for what he is enduring.

    Thinking of Bradley causes me to remember to be thankful for Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and others making life sacrifices most of us do not have the courage to make. They are all heroes who have given their lives and not taken lives.

    I also honor former soldiers dedicated to waging peace like Brian Wilson, who has lost his legs and devoted his entire life educating us about war. Thanks also goes to the organizations Courage to Resist and Veterans for Peace.

    My contribution is the courage to tell others, to write, and to peacefully assemble to voice my support of our constitution, rule of law, and protect whistleblowers. I will always remember and will write as often as I am able.

    Thank you Bradley and may many more step up to the plate to walk the talk.

  200. HELLO BRAD!!!

    (I am not sure my message went through so here it is again, and if it did already go through here is simply a double dose.)

    Stay strong and optimistic! History is always on the side of those who fight for peace and justice! We are all community! If one is to drop out of mainstream society and become a revolutionary for peace, one cannot do it alone. You must join together with other activists and fight to turn the world rightside up. Human beings are basically good by nature, as Anne Frank wrote in her diary, and I will add that while this is true, at this time, in this era, and in this country, the institutions that control society bring out the worst in many people. Continue to be a great role model for other Americans, and encourage everybody to fight to turn the world back into what it is meant to be: a place full of love and freedom! Hi Ho!

  201. Dear Bradley Manning,
    In our family of three we have followed your case (since we heard about it almost two years ago) with gratitude to you for your great sacrifice and with prayers for your soon release from U.S. persecution.
    We first learned of you when an in-depth article came out in the Western Front, the newspaper of Western Washington University. Ever after we have, when able, stood on street corners with “Free Bradley Manning” signs here in our community. We also sign petitions, etc.
    We are honoring you today as a true American patriot.
    Thank you and bless you.

  202. Bradley, I am so proud of you and thank you for your sacrifice. What you have shown is true patriotism, and more importantly, true humanism.


  203. thank you for speaking truth to power,
    may the angels of justice among us create a chorus
    to shake the foundation of hiding places, untruths and fear-based govt.
    may we learn to question and disturb comfortable secrets and set in stone ways.

  204. Hello Bradley and all.
    I’m from Russia. Brad is an international HERO.
    Don’t give up man!
    People of USA stop your criminal authorities.
    No more wars! No more invasions! No more such a “Democracy” for free world.
    Freedom to Bradley!

  205. bradley you are a piece of shit and you will burn in jail like you should you actions has put man and women’s lives in danger you should take your sorry life motherfucker and for everyone who follows that piece of shit get a fucking live idiots. att the u.s army.

  206. If more people were like you, Mr. Bush’s wars never would have happened. I had always hoped that the military had done what you did and walked out, en masse. You did the right thing.

  207. Dear Bradley,

    I commend your great courage, your patriotism and your honesty. Yes, you are patriotic, because you tried to make America a better place. A place where truth and ideals are respected and honoured, a place where justice rather than power, prevails. Know that there are tremendous numbers of people all over the world who support you, deeply respect, and deeply admire you for what you have done, and that what you have done will make the world a better place. Warmest wishes, Kirkland

  208. No matter how badly we humans treat Bradley. God will judge his actions.

    I find Manning to be very conscientious.

  209. A true patriot. A man of courage. A man of wisdom beyond his years. Selfless in motivation. Mr Manning will ever be inspiration to the people who care about freedom and their family of humanity. He will be in the national conversation throughout this country’s history on the Fourth of July. He will be in the conversations and the classroom dialogues across the globe whenever they speak of the good people America has brought forth.
    ALL HAIL to a true man of the people.

  210. Thank you for your bravery, Bradley. Best wishes for a positive outcome to your case, and an end to the torture you’ve endured for transparency and justice.

  211. We are with you, sir. Never regret what you have done. You are a TRUE hero. Not just for your country but all of humanity. Your act will be remembered as a flash of light during a very long time of darkness, corruption and greed.

  212. Bradley Manning recibe mi mas sincera admiración por el valor que tuviste para exponer al mundo la realidad de una guerra hipócrita que el gobierno de Bush realizó sobre el pueblo de Irak.

    ¡Libertad para Bradley Manning!

  213. Thank You Bradley Manning! Thank You for caring about the victims thank You for having the courage to do something about it, thank You for all You have sacrificed. I can only imagine how tough things must be for You right now, I hope in some way it helps You to know that to myself and MANY OTHERS You are a GREAT HERO!!!

  214. Bradley, you are our hero, our government is only using you to intimidate people from doing what you did, you will be in history as a man who spoke the truth and our government failed to recognize it by jailing you. FREE BRADELY MANNING!

  215. as someone who isnt american, i can tell you that Mr Mannings actions have done America a massive favour- they have shown that there are Americans who will stand up for what is right. to see and hear the american soldiers in that vid (as someone who isnt american)was shocking, to say the least. especially because at the time, here in Britian we were hearing of friendly fire incidents almost everyday. Mr. Manning is a hero and a credit to the American nation and people. he single handedly repaired the world image of Americans. HISTORY WILL REMEMBER BRADLEY MANNING AS A HERO- no matter what the military court says.

  216. Thank you Bradley Manning ! You are a hero in my book and I will share your story with all my friends and family with great hopes of them sharing it the world needs to know and realize how much our goverment keeps from us, people need to wake up. You are a very courageous individual for this and I am very thankful for what you have done!

  217. Bradley, I love you! Thank you for being a courageous individual! You are hero of mine and a mentor, reminding me to do the right thing everyday! I was in the army too, and remember sept 11th, watching waht was happening on the tv in chow. I was at Ft Bragg NC and I knew from there, it was a hoax, a fake, an intentional act to go to war. I left the army too, at any cost, and it did cost me… but, we would not have known what was going on if it were not people like you. Its sickening to see warcrime occur and what is even worse, is everyone participating in it, not standing up to do the right thing. We all learn a lesson in life, one prolly the most important I can think of that I learned, is that we are all connected. I cannot kill another person. Even if Im being attacked, I would hesitate. I know better, and knowing better doesnt mean jack, unless you do something with it. So THANK YOU! Im sorry for your loss and suffering, but believe me when I say this Bradley, You have helped to open the eyes of millions of people! You sir, are most precious and courageous. I wish everyone else could follow your lead. I know I will, and do! Keep your head up soldier! You will be liberated!

  218. Dear Bradley, you are a hero, and I thank you for very much for the informations you make open for the world out of USA!! I was knowing, that the war is horrible, but you show me that a war is never fair and always a crime and out of law and out of controle!! You will be always in my mind, as a fighter for freedom!! I wish you all the best for your future, and we will name streets and places with your name, you have made history!! Thanx Regards Steffan Böhle!!

  219. Neither Edward Snowden nor Wikileaks, nor Bradley Manning endanger the United States, it‘s the fear ruling the country and the mistakes that happened after 9/11.But fear should not become a tool of politics and an excuse for total surveillance or pre-emptive strikes.

    Even after Bin Laden‘s death the process of destruction of genuine values of the United States continues: freedom, democracy and rule of law. Convince us that 9/11 was not able to destroy America from within. Convince us that the American ideology of Freedom and Human Rights is stronger than terrorism and torture.

    To become more save, America needs sympathies and no further hostilities, especially in the Arab world. War crimes and torture, Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib are endangering the United States as we recently had to witness in Boston 2013. Not those people who talk about the crimes are the problem, but those people who DO the crimes. But the US hunt Snowden, Assange or Manning much more then war criminals. If you compare Bradley Manning‘s sentence with those of the torturers of Abu Ghraib – Lynndie England (less than 3 years), Sabrina Harman (6 months), Charles Graner (6 years) Janis L. Karpinski (suspended from her command) – then it becomes obvious that America has not yet understood, that terrorists don‘t care about whistleblowers. They follow another logic: „“When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims,”. These are the words of Dzokhar Tsarnaev according to CBS News (May 16, 2013 7:06 AM).

    So the question is: Why is Bradley Manning sentenced so harsh, while the soldiers who are responsible for playing the main role in the leaked „collateral murder“ video have not even been pursued?

    I would love to see a President shocking the world by radical steps, which nobody would expect: for example a personal visit to Guantanamo. I‘d love to see the President talking directly to the prisonners, telling them that he is working on the process of closing it and that they will face FAIR trials soon. He should make clear that he condemns torture and regrets mistakes by the previous government and he should explain the inmates why it takes so long to close Guantanamo.

    Remember: Al Quaeeda is more an idea than an organization and how can one fight an idea? By giving the people a better one. Let us consider it as a fight between two ideas: democracy vs. terrorism, and at the end of the day the question will rise: which one is more succesful?

    My advice is: First. Reduce fear instead of cultivating it, because fear is the enemy of freedom and democracy. Second. An official visit by the President to Guantanamo and an apology for abuses there. Third. Until Guantanamo finally will be closed it could turn into a space for resocialization and psychological post traumatic treatment. Communication with family members should become possible, at least for those who are most likely innocent and who will be sent back into freedom one day. This would be the best security strategy for the US.

    And finally America should be aware that Manning‘s fate in comparison with the fate of war criminals and torturers will shape the world‘s perception of the value system of the United States. And this case will also send automatically a message to future terrorists, if the crime „betrayal of secrets“ values so much more and will be punished so much harder than the crime of torture and killing innocent muslims, then this is indirectly a message that a muslim‘s life is not much important. Therefore the president should pardon Bradley Manning, stop hunting whistleblowers and punish the people in power who ordered torture and commited war crimes since 9/11. Concerning the rule of law: An innocent prisonner held in Guantanamo can not be any longer denied access to the legal system, while a real terrorist like the Boston Bomber Dzokhar Tsarnaev will face a fair civil trial at the same time.

    There is no justice when in Guantanamo suspected future terrorists and aslo some innocent people are held in custody without any access to the rule of law, where they will be tortured, humiliated and waterboarded, and at the same time a real terrorist like Dzokhar Tsarnaev who killed three people and wounded many more will enjoy constitutional legality. I am wondering if Bradley Manning will sit as long behind bars as Dzokhar Tsarnaev will, while war criminals and torturers enjoy their life in freedom.

  220. It has been on the last few days that I have started getting immersed in the Manning trial. I have come to realize that this moment is one of those moments in history that future generations will remember and blame us for not doing anything about it. At the same time… what can we do? There is no way to stop the trial, and the truth is, it is not looking good for Manning.
    Life goes on, and most people do not realize that this man has risked everything to give the public THE TRUTH. I admire your courage Bradley Manning, you have changed history. We will never forget what you did and I thank you for reminding us that there are people out there that are willing to give everything up to live a life with principle. We cannot stop the trial, and sadly Manning will go to jail for the CRIME of exposing THE TRUTH. I am 20 years old and would like to do something to free Bradley Manning. It is impossible, but at least lets keep his actions remembered. We will forever remember Bradley Manning. Lets talk about the truth he exposed. Lets make sure everyone know what this brave man did.
    When learning history, I have constantly asked myself “Why didn’t nobody do anything about it?” YOU, MANNING, YOU DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
    We will try, from our end, to change the system that has put you behind bars. A system that has exploited other countries for resources, a system that plans wars well in advance when it needs to profit.

  221. Bradley you are a true modern day hero. People like you give the rest of us hope that this world will not end up destroyed by politicians, bankers and oil barons. And of course an extremely evil military force, like the US army.

  222. Dear Mr Bradley,
    All i say is that your bravery is an inspiration to me. You are a very good man. Please know that there are a hundred thousands who believe you did a right thing by expressing your humanity.
    Bradley, your courage lifts my spirits to higher and encourages me to stand against wrong. Will always pray for your success. God bless!!
    From India

  223. Godbless you Bradley Manning for everything you sacrificed in the name of truth and honor. You are a true soldier and a hero. Don’t give up. Love and respect from Ireland.

  224. Dear Bradley,
    The Justice of God and the Justice of the People are on your side. Even if your country condemn you, you gain the freedom reserved to the pacific and the brave men, those who fight for Peace, Liberty and Justice
    Many brasilien people are with you
    Diogenes, the Greek

  225. A prayer to help you stay centered when you’re stressed or scared:

    “Dear God,

    My mind and heart are racing with thoughts and images of worst-case-scenarios and I am stressed! Please intervene and hold me tightly like a loving parent comforting an upset child. Please calm my mind and restore my inner peace.

    Please help me to think clearly and to connect with your divine wisdom and creative and miraculous solutions to this situation. Please help me to know that everything is okay and will be okay . . . especially when I approach the situation with your guidance. Amen.”

    ~ a prayer by Doreen Virtue

  226. I would like to send an artwork. I find it difficult to believe that Bradley Manning will be in prison for life.

    I’ll find out what restrictions there are and send something appropriate.

    I am deeply grateful for what Bradley has revealed, and deeply grateful for his courage and clarity in this recent trial. A painting won’t change anything politically, but I hope it will help, in some sense, for a good person who, so wrongly, has so much to face in the coming years

  227. I’m really thankful that some, even if few, raise their voice to show compassion and civil courage. Not to let the US or any other country, quiet the voices of democracy. Way too much decisions and crimes against humanity and democracy is hidden behind the “save the country’s interest and too be hold secret from the people”, this is eroding the civil society. I am Bradley Manning!

  228. Dear Mr. Bradley Manning, or Private First Class Manning,
    I salute you. I am a DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution).
    I want to say that this American People owe you a debt that we can never repay.
    You are a young, beautiful person who has given up his own freedom in the cause
    of protecting the freedom of others.
    You are no less than a soldier for freedom
    and a Patriot.
    You do justice to those others who have fought and died
    to keep this country free, and protect democracy, a truer democracy, a free society.
    I can only say a humble thank you. The faces of our ancestors shine upon you.
    Yours Truly,
    Angela Blackthorne

  229. Freedom for Bradley Manning.

    Support and strenght from Spain to Bradley and his family. We all are with you. You are the people that give hope the world to be a better place.


    It’s already proven that NSA uses private info as a predator weapon on U.S. officials. Elliott Spitzer and Anthony Weiner were both hacked as an example also Rep. Duke Cunningham of the Armed Forces Committee was another victim, he was just paroled after 8 yrs in prison.

    Former CIA chief General Petraeus, a phony sextortion scandal, was at the recent secretive Bilderberg conference with the other Masters of the Universe.

    Countless officials are presently being sextorted in private by NSA, CIA, FBI, PIMPS. DC madam Palfrey and madam Brandi Britton in Baltimore were both CIA/military-sextortion escort services now both dead, also 2 more dead madams one from Alabama and one in China – all 4 deaths by hanging.

    My civil suit against NSA PIMPS:

    blog: http://VegasMadam.wordpress.com/


  231. We are truly shocked at the behaviour of the US government, that is more interested in hiding its own sins than being honest about the way it behaves in the world. Your courage and integrity are both an inspiration to free thinking people everywhere and shame hypocritical politicians and warmongers. People across the world are thinking of you and taking hope from your example.
    Judy and Julian Marsh, Nottingham UK

  232. I’m from Holland, and I support Bradley Manning for one hundred percent.
    I can’t believe that people are punished because they bring out the truth.
    The one that should be brought to justice are the politician.
    And this is what America is proud of. The freedom of speech? Hahaha.
    Innocent people were killed, he brings out the news and he gets prosecuted.
    When the press brings out the news, nobody goes to court. What is the difference?
    I really wish him the best… 

    • Bradley does get a lot of mail, and he appreciates it greatly. However, he is not writing anyone back (besides family and long time friends) until after the court martial.

  233. I write to Bradley every couple of months. For those of you who complain that he never writes back, this is for legal reasons. To prevent him from saying anything in his letters that could be used against him. The letters apparently do make a big difference to Bradley, so please do keep writing as he does appreciate them, from what I hear. Bradley I have just created a website for you and Edward Snowden in the hopes that some information on there will help all whistleblowers. http://www.charterofliberties.org
    Website is still being developed.
    Thank you Bradley for all that you have done. The world needs people like you and Edward Snowden.
    Thank you

    • Bradley has expressed a desire to begin writing back to folks, as soon as the court martial is over, according to his attorney David Coombs.

      • Thank you for informing us of that. I would be very excited to receive a letter from him, so I hope that I am one of the lucky ones. He must have hundreds of people to write back to though, so it will probably take him about a year to answer all his mail! I can’t wait for his trial to finish so we know what his sentence will be.
        Thanks Roderick.

        • You’d probably be more likely to get a response if you respected her wishes and referred to her as ‘she’ and ‘chelsea’. How would you like being misgendered and misnamed?

          • At the time that I and many other people wrote the comments on this website, Chelsea had made clear that she wished to be addressed as Bradley and in the male gender until her court martial was completed. If you had been following the case, you would know this. Roderick.

  234. Super News ! Bradley Manning is recommendet for peace Nobel price ! One step to justice and democracy. Hope the world will free Bradley. Watsch my musikvideo I wrote for Badley with friends and family. Hope ist helps a little.

  235. Dear Mr Bradley Manning,

    A Big “BRAVO” and thumbs up for what you have done. You will never be forgotten. We all hope you will be liberated soon and get the Nobel Prize. No human with a heart could have remained silenced after what you witnessed. Soon, with the help of everybody and of the internet, we shall see the end of the tunnel and make the Truth prevails. On my side, I opened this Facebook page to help French speaking people know the truth.

    Wish you all the best , courage !

  236. When President Nixon declared that Charles Manson was “guilty of a crime” Attorney General Meese convinced him that his statement violated the rights of a defendant on trial. Nixon recanted speedily.

    Before the military trial, President Obama declared that PFC Bradley Manning had “committed a crime.” Although he is an expert in constitutional law, Mr. Obama has yet to retract this rash, unlawful judgement.

  237. God Is The Real Judge And Jury And I Pray That Our Lord And Our God Thrice Holy Who Sees And Knows Everything Bring To Bradley Manning The Justice He Truly Deserves.
    Bradley Manning Is Not A Traiter But An Honest Young Man who Acted Upon His Conscience And Could Not In All Honesty Keep Quite While Seeing All The Injustices He Witnessed.
    Please God Intervene And Do All That Is Neseccary To Gain The Release And Full Parden Of Bradley Manning And Gain For Him Real Justice
    In Jesus Christs Name Amen!!!

  238. My Open Letter to Bradley Manning

    Dear Mr. Manning:

    I wish only that I had written to you earlier. Like hundreds of thousands of other people – and perhaps many more – I consider you to be an ethical person, a hero, someone who did the right thing in exposing the mass murder, corruption, lies, and the vicious nature of the U.S. government and its obedient minions, who follow orders without a thought as to the nature of these orders or their true criminality. Your actions took not only great moral conviction, but great courage in the face of blindness, indifference, stupidity, and willful evil.

    This quality you possess is not valued highly in a nation that is rapidly mimicking the experience of the German people under the Nazi regime in the 1930s and 1940s and under the Soviet regime from 1917 until the 1990s. As you probably know, “just following orders” was the defense that the Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann uttered during his show-trial in Jerusalem. In a similar way, the ignorance – and even more, the moral vacuum – of the American people has enabled them to permit their government to slaughter between 4 and 6 million people since the close of World War II, and people like you are helping to expose and bring to light this vicious practice so that they cannot pretend any longer – living a lie. Ignorance is a natural state for all of us (after all, we are born without knowledge), but an evil intent is worse – much worse. And you have exposed it by your actions.

    Your heroic act and despicable betrayal by an obedient “patriot” (sic) has forced Americans to look into the mirror and see what it has become – a sick parody of cruelty come to life. Most Americans are not aware that the armed forces committed the equivalent of a WTC attack on Iraq on a frequency of every 3 weeks for 10 years from 1990 to 2001 (through its sanctions program). They are unaware that Secretary of State Madeleine Albright even proudly admitted that these sanctions had killed more than 500,000 Iraqi babies as of 1996 on the “60 Minutes” program when interviewed by Leslie Stahl. This went without even a peep of protest among “good, clean, god-fearing Americans” whose government is now persecuting you for daring to rip the veil off the evil. And this evil sanctions program continued until the post-9/11 war began and a new kind of slaughter took center stage. As you can see, the total of victims perhaps reached 1 million by then (after another 5 years of sanctions), and perhaps another 500,000 to 1 million have died in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan since then. This ghastly total, plus 3 million more Vietnamese (Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara’s figures) people burned, shot, and blown to smithereens in the Vietnam war and many tens of thousands poisoned since then by our chemical weapons there have made the US a bona fide terror state. And now the boobus Americanus wonders why people shake their heads in disgust at the Nazification of America’s government and its obedient servants and cheerleaders in death.

    Sadly, this willingness to victimize others is not a quality possessed only by the “right” of the political spectrum. In no less a cruel and cowardly manner, the “left” is willing to use the coercive tools of government to victimize others who do not fall into line with their regimented, Procrustean ideas about wealth and hatred of economic liberty and free association. They have elevated the sin of envy to a green-colored sacrament, just as the war-mongers have elevated mass-murder to a red-toned virtue. This type of fascism applies equally to those who invade other countries and those who invade others’ wallets. They are both cut from the same cloth in their willingness to coerce otherwise peaceful people into obedience. It is heroes like you who help to expose these evil practices, and I wish you all the best in your brave stand. Surely you must be an example of all that is best in humanity to those who lock you behind bars.

    I am sad and disgusted at the treatment you received by people who live off of my tax dollars – dollars that I am forced to pay against my will to support great evil. I am sorry that you have been denied justice by your imprisonment for doing well, for doing right. I am sorry that a despicable judge presides – much as the callous Nazi judge, Roland Freisler (who was a communist before he was a Nazi; big difference, eh?) – who presided over the kangaroo-court trails of the heroic Sophie Scholl, her brother, their philosopher teacher, and the other heroic young members of the anti-Nazi movement called The White Rose. If you ever have a chance, there is a 2005 film about it called “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days.” Your actions remind me of the heroic behavior of these young people. I hope you can someday enjoy it.

    While you may not know it and the locked-down media of this country will not permit its discussion, you are considered a hero by millions of people around the world. Your imprisonment is an indictment of the government that rules over us all. It is an indictment of President Obama, who has mimicked George Bush, who has mimicked Bill Clinton, who has mimicked George H.W. Bush – and on and on, one criminal in the White House after another – all elected by the shameless people of the USSA.

    In a way, perhaps we are all prisoners. Those of us out here – on the outside of your prison walls – will not admit this about our existence. To do so would come too close to the truth of things. You, having been kidnapped and thrown in a cage, cannot lie to yourself in this way – as we on the outside can, if we are so cowardly as to allow ourselves such a delusion. But just as “truth is treason in an empire of lies,” your imprisonment is a metaphor for what this country has become. None dare admit how deep is the pit into which our government and its obedient “respectable” servants have descended or how low they have gone and will surely go.

    While the tone of this letter is depressing in a way, it is only dark insofar as it is a stark contrast to the spark of bright light that has illuminated us. You are that spark, and your light has sent the cockroaches into a frenzy of cover-up and fear. The president’s lies are piled higher each day, and his minions must lie themselves into tangles of excuses and lies. And they are helped because we live in the United States of Amnesia, to steal a phrase from Gore Vital. Americans love to be lied to and promised this and that so that they can avoid the pain of thinking and acting righteously. That’s why you have been imprisoned.

    I hope you know that you are in a long line of heroes, and your name will live far beyond that of anyone who imprisons you – all of them forgettable because of their faceless, nameless banal cruelty – which is so common that it is as forgettable as yesterday’s dirt. You are not forgettable. They can put you in a hole and try to hide you from the world, but your light shines out of it and acts as inspiration. You already know that Edward Snowden was inspired by you to expose even more lies, and he is making a laughing stock out of Obama and his supporters as well as the Republicans who are identical in their twisted behaviors.

    You really are an inspiration – even if the people who can receive the light of your example and enable it to illuminate their path are not the ones who hold the keys to your cell or have their scrofulous hands on the levers of power. Your brilliant example cannot be contained, and those who now persecute you will one day be ashamed. And those who know them will be ashamed of them. This has all happened before in one way or another, and while your suffering is beyond my experience, I hope that in realizing how cherished you are by so many, you will receive some comfort.

    If this letter helps to bolster your spirit in any way, it has done its job. I chose to go beyond merely telling you how wonderful your acts are. Instead, I chose to tell you why they are heroic and why they are good and why they are to be admired. This required me to rattle off a list of depressing facts – a parade of evil that serves – by its contrast – to bring into high relief the nature of your inspiring behavior. I hope your family is proud of you. I hope your neighbors are proud of you. I hope – even more important – that you continue to be proud of your actions and to retain your faith in their high value.

    The hearts of human beings all over the world are with you – even if you can’t possibly know it from where you sit and even if they cannot give voice to it. I hope that this letter is at least a teaspoon in that ocean of good will.

    You make me want to believe in god more than all the believers in the world. Perhaps you are the greatest proof that such a thing is possible. God bless you, Bradley Manning


    Lawrence M. Ludlow

    • I don’t think I have ever read anything more moving, Lawrence, or more TRUE! Please, send your brilliant letter to Ms. Manning on hard copy!!

      I will be sending my own, shortly, but it’s not going to come near to the eloquence and moving testimony of yours.

      God Bless, and may Chelsea Manning know freedom soon, and receive significant reparations for her unlawful length of pre-trial confinement, her mistreatment which amounted to torture therein, and her unjust conviction in that kangaroo JOKE of a tribunal!!

      And may the true war criminals and other power player criminals, both politically and on Wall Street, here in the U.S. be brought to face THEIR justice!!!!!

      • Thank you, James. As a libertarian, voluntaryist, and private-property anarchist, I can do no other than to support Ms. Manning. The first law of interacting with our fellow human beings is to abhor coercion–whether it is the coercion of democracy (mob rule) or of crony-capitalism, which has destroyed in the minds of so many the promise of genuinely free, non-coercive trade. when the right and left finally abandon their respective worship of despotism, they will understand this message. Thank you for your appreciation. I meant every word of it.

  239. I have nothing but the deepest respect and admiration for Bradley Manning. It makes me absolutely disgusted and infuriated not only at how Bradley has been treated, but at the unjust punishment he has received. Yer President Obama continues to order the drone strikes of thousands of people as well as distort the truth, lie to the American public, and turn his back on his promise to help and defend whistleblowers like Bradley, and he received a Nobel Peace Prize. Just outrageous.

    I will write letters to Bradley Manning to show support and so that he knows that he is not alone.

  240. NOW is the time Bradley needs to hear from supporters. Tell him we will continue to fight on his behalf and work to remove this unjust condemnation of his actions.
    We love you Bradley! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  241. Bradley Manning The Martyr, A Man Of Our Times!
    He Uncovered Injustice, Is This Realy A Crime?
    Right Know He’s In Prison Three Decades Detain!
    I Can’t Help But Think This Unfair And Insain?
    He Has Been Labeled A Traiter,” For What,”Being Honest And True?
    With Blood On His Hands “Come on,”Who’s Kidding Who?
    Speak Up All You Citizens And Let It Be Said!
    The True Spirit Of America Must Never Be Dead!
    A Great Son Of Your Country Is What You Will See!
    “So Speak Up For Your Son Know America, For Freedom Of Speech, Truth, And Real Justice, All That He Represents”
    And Let Bradley Manning Free!!!

  242. Dear Chelsea–My Sister, My Hero!!!

    I broke down in tears today when I first read the news about your decision to live as a woman because I know what your pain has been like. You see, I served in the US Air Force for twelve years while trying to hide the same secret that I was really a woman deep down inside.

    But these were also tears of JOY because I know of the burden that has been lifted from your shoulders, your mind, your heart, and your soul. I also feel that your decision brings a wellspring of HOPE for the hundreds if not thousands of our transgendered sisters who served (or are serving) in the military and who aren’t getting the support and treatment they need. I use the term “treatment,” but we both know that what I am really talking about is FREEDOM and EQUALITY!!!

    I will be sixty years old next month and I made the decision to transition and live my life as a woman when I was forty-seven. I only wish I had had your courage to make that decision in my twenties. I haven’t had SRS but I still hope that the Veteran’s Administration will someday provide the full range of recommended medical care for transgendered persons. I believe that your revelation may ultimately help focus the discussion on this issue.

    Chelsea, some secrets definitely need to be brought to the light of day so that healing can begin…not only in the transgendered veteran’s community, but also in the moral fiber of our Nation. Through your courageous efforts, you have illuminated the needs of both!!!

    Thank You for Your Service


  243. What is the most up-to-date address at which we can write to Private Manning, now that sentencing has taken place? Thanks. All best wishes to Ms Manning.

    • mail can now be sent to:
      Bradley E. Manning
      1300 N. Warehouse Road
      Fort Leavenworth, Kansas 66027-2304

      (For administrative purposes, Chelsea asks that people use her legal name “Bradley” on envelopes/exteriors/packages.)

  244. Someone should start a free Bradkey Manning fund on fundacrowd.com. I think its a great thing for him to start his transition to being who he is..

  245. Bradley, sos un héroe de la libertad.

    Una luz en medio de la inmensa oscuridad que ciega a los estadounidenses. Te admiro por tu valentía y determinación al enfrentarte al gobierno más poderoso del mundo. Seguí adelante, que esta acción cobarde en contra tuya no te debilite; recordá que millones de personas estamos con vos.

    ¡Un abrazo fuerte, amigo, hermano, compañero!

  246. Hello to everybody

    I would like send encourage to the heroine and publish an emotive poem writed by a spanish fallen poet in the Civil War.

    I apologize about show it only in spanish. (It can to be translated with google).

    I hope you all like it

    Chelsea, we are on your side 🙂
    Hearten with a smile, i wish you the best with the transition

    Kind regards from Spain


    Para la Libertad.

    Para la libertad sangro, lucho, pervivo.
    Para la libertad, mis ojos y mis manos,
    como un árbol carnal, generoso y cautivo,
    doy a los cirujanos.

    Para la libertad, siento más corazones
    que arenas en mi pecho dan espuma a mis venas;
    y entro en los hospitales, y entro en los algodones,
    como en las azucenas.

    Porque donde unas cuencas vacías amanezcan,
    ella pondrá dos piedras de futura mirada,
    y hará que nuevos brazos y nuevas piernas crezcan
    en la carne talada.

    Retoñaran aladas de savia sin otoño,
    reliquias de mi cuerpo que pierdo en cada herida;
    porque soy como el árbol talado que retoño:
    aún tengo la vida.

    Miguel Hernández.

  247. Chelsea is in prison but Queen Inana was once in Hell. She went to strip away all pretense and become one with the Truth. Chelsea is already completely authentic. When Queen Inana emerged, she gave culture back to Humanity. When Chelsea emerges, she will give Humanity back to the world.

  248. Pvt manning, your brave action set motion to the world!
    The world owes u big time!
    #the truth will set us free, but first it will piss us off…

  249. 09/21/2013 10:32 a.m.

    I hope that Chelsea Manning is doing well. I am a *strong* supporter and follower of hers. She is an inspiration to me and to many others, I’m sure. I have been missing activism as of late; I am in San Francisco now, and I am coming to terms with everything it has to offer. I am dedicated to seeing activism through and supporting so called “enemies of the state”, like Chelsea Manning. My hero.


    Sylvia Lydia Morelos
    San Francisco Ca.
    201 8th Street,
    San Francisco, Ca 94103

    God bless, man!!


  250. You are a hero Chelsea Manning . Your family must be very proud of you.Thankyou for shining the light for all humanity . Aloha

  251. I joined the Air Force in 1959. At that time I could not have been more proud of my country. As I traveled and read history, I discovered the U.S. is quite cruel to people in other nations, and nearly as cruel to its own less-privileged citizens. The Plantation may be gone but the Plantation mentality lives on. Now we all know it tortures, uses WMDs and lethal chemicals extensively, assassinates innocent people and was convicted of terrorism in 1986. The pious, self-righteous moral sermonizing is a smoke screen for the hideous, criminal things our leaders do. There is nothing so barbaric my country wouldn’t do it. Today, I couldn’t be more ashamed of my country.

  252. Dear Chelsea,

    I’m not sure what to say that somebody already hasn’t…
    What you’ve done is staggering and marvelous. It must have taken an enormous amount of courage to did what you did. It’s impossible to even comprehend what you’ve been through and what you’re still probably facing. You have done NOTHING WRONG.You are a HERO.
    You are MY hero.The world is in desperate need for more people like you,like Julian.You have shown us the atrocities people are capable of committing and it’s sickening.But you have also shown us that there are good,righteous people.People who ardently believe in uncovering the truth.
    i don’t know what else to write.

    Stay strong.
    God Bless 🙂

    Hope to see you live the life of a free person very soon!

  253. The sad conclusion of all of this, is that the US is apperantly ruled by criminals.

    If exposing crime is now officially a crime and the Republicrat PARTY and corporate masters can violate laws as they see fit, including the constitution….. Orwell’s profecy has come true completely.

  254. what you does is absolutley correct.
    we are human beings. not like us goverment, white house, kill people like playing games.

    follow your heart, do what you believe.
    There’s a universal justice
    And the eyes of truth are always watching you.

  255. I just signed the petition and wrote an email to the white house. We have to protect people like manning. They are real hero’s!
    Greetings from switzerland

  256. If you support her and what she did, then you would refer to her as chelsea and use female pronouns. It’s super offensive to misgender people. Not cool. CHELSEA MANNING. SHE. HER. MS. WOMAN. Thanks.

  257. Chelsea Manning you are the bravest person I have ever seen and heard about! I am prior military (NAVY) and when I was serving I started to realize what the military does and I eventually had enough and got myself kicked out! I have never looked back and I will ‘Never Again Volunteer Yourself!’ I only take back the very few good moments and few friends I made! I have no regrets on how I feel and what I said about my service. I have since moved on! I now go to a university,ride a cool sportsbike, single but looking for a girlfriend, I enjoy the good moments of life, and I plan to start a business creating apps! I am a BIG dreamer and I want to live a wonderful life!
    I support for what you stand and believe in! You are the 21st century Ghandi!

  258. Dear Chelsea,

    I wanted you to know that your existence in this world gives hope to so many of us. We stand by you.
    and Thank you!

  259. I can NOT believe there are comments above that actually call her “Mr Manning” and “he”. These posters are clearly incapable of basic respect. How much more abuse is Ms Manning supposed to take?

    • If you’ll notice, those comments were made a couple years ago when her transition was clear or public.
      I’m sure if those people were commenting today they would use Chelsea’s correct pronoun and name.

  260. Is there an Amazon link to specific books Chelsea would like to be sent? I’ve sent some books to other prisoners and this was very helpful. I don’t want to buy her something which doesn’t interest her.

  261. I will not acknowledge Bradley Edward Manning because he does not nor has he ever existed, he was nothing more than an actor on a very large stage, but to Chelsea Elizabeth Manning I say that you have my up most respect. What you have done is very courageous and I know it must have been and still is hard. You must have a very strong spirit and soul with the will power to match. I am trans* a 56 yr old male to female in transition so I know the mental anguish, pain and heartache that comes with daily survival of trying to live a normal life, but to step up like you have takes a brave individual with steadfast courage of a true woman. you have my respect, love, admiration, and prayers. God bless you Chelsea.


    • very nice… lets keep the fight to free manning and the rest of the world from these banking and war machines bad energies…

      great news with he BRICs and associate currency ending the petro dollar.. this is great in happened 30 days ago and if we keep the pressure up we can ride the world of the federal reserve note no more petro dollar. Check out Karen Hudes on the currency, and search for the different groups preparing for a constitutional convention.

      Be strong lets get this world free

      Peace N the love of light

  262. WOW! Imagine my surprise to see her name change today, as mine became legal in court yesterday! I am now officially David. 😀
    I know how she feels, puffed chest, smiling, getting to say confidently my name out loud and knowing if anybody asks “but what is your REAL name?” being able to grin and say the one I chose.
    It is not over just with court ordered name change. So many documents still need updated or you get into some big snafus.
    I hope you all who read this can celebrate with us both… this week is very special.

  263. Have sent a few cards through from Aus, mainly the sort of bright colourful things for tourists. But I’ve just found out that my version of her address had Rd and N. instead of Road and North – hope they got through. Also, last one sent just after legal name change, so again hopeful they accept it.

    Is Chelsea allowed general visitors? And would she appreciate one from Aus?

  264. Be strong manning my friend you are a hero and a wonderful human.

    you are a wonderful role model and I call my Representative today and fight to end the war. you are an inspiration to all, and how all Americans should act. You do us Native American proud. and you are showing the rest of the world what Americans are like and whom are the bad people are whom are feeding the military and banking complexes.

    I am so proud of you and will fight to wake people up so that one day soon you can be free and cashed in as a true American and world hero. You desire the noble peace price. I wish you freedom soon.

    Peace N love to you and the world

  265. wow, you all write as if your words will reach Chelsea (Bradley). Much easier to comment here than to actually write a letter according to the instructions and restrictions at the top of this page. Shame on all of you. Your words don’t reach Manning!

    • To be fair, Michelle, it’s possible many of these individuals have written Chelsea AND commented here to also express their support to the internet community. But if they have only commented here, perhaps your message will give them that little extra push. 😉

  266. Sometimes you may think nobody understand you, but many people think you are great. I think the world is better thanks to people like you. You are brave !!!!

  267. Happy birthday Chelsea, from Wellington NZ. Your courage has radiated all over the globe and touched the hearts of all those who want to live free of corruption and in peace. You are a soldier of truth and there can be no dishonorable discharge from that post. You are in my heart and thoughts today.

  268. I was feeling such rush of sentiments over what it is like to be in prison for doing the best your consciousness know it is the right thing to do…How many of us have your courage to stand for what is right?
    How many of us can face the system entrenched to destroy millions in every way and form possible, the world over?
    You did it, Julian did it, Snowden did it too.
    If we had 10000 individuals in each country standing for what is right, just like you did, we would transform the world dictatorship into a better place to live and be.
    As the accolades of the “glitzerat on the left pours in, know that many of us, simple citizens of the NA Security perimeter, are dealing with lots of pressures to conform, to disassociate, to go bunkers, or to get into drugs or alcohol…The lower classes are experiencing a prison of despair and as I look at your plight, I see why we are all going through so much stress…The government that put you in jail for doing the right thing is the same government that is crushing us all.
    We are one in the sense that oppression is rolling down the streets of N/A in a variety of forms…
    We need to rise up. We need to rise up..still we don’t have your courage and dignity, yet! it is coming and we all will be free from the inside out…
    Deepest gratitude for your courage. I salute you Madam!

  269. It would be nice if Chelsea would post a wish list of books from Amazon on this site. There are a number of Chelsea Manning wish lists on Amazon – so there needs to be some other identifier to distinguish hers.

  270. You must be kidding me when you say you can’t abbreviate north with an “N.” and fort with “Ft.” Also, I’ve been sending my mail to Bradley E. Manning 89289, instead of Chelsea E. Manning. Do you mean to tell me she won’t get it, with her prison number to the right of it? With all due respect, I think Chelsea’s attorneys are exaggerating the situation.

    • Hi Edward-

      These mail restrictions/ requirements often come straight from the prison. So whereas mail still has the chance of being delivered if addressed improperly, why take the risk? Writing “North” instead of “N” is not challenging.

      As far as using “Bradley”, they was a period of time before Chelsea’s name was legally changed to Chelsea where it was still important to use “Bradley” to ensure delivery. NOW however, it is best you stick with her legal name, Chelsea E Manning. Both because it is legally correct and because she prefers it.

  271. Chelsea, you are among my heros! Hang in there, I pray [rarely], hope some day soon Justice will Prevail & Whistleblowers will be acknowledged for what they are: Heros!
    btw, I chose the name ‘Chelsea’ for my daughter, it is a lovely name, isn’t it? I wish for your life as Chelsea to be more comfortable than it was as Bradley & then it is now. Best, In Peace,

  272. Dear Chelsea…you are, quite simply, my all American hero and a Goddess of Mother Earth.
    Because you care, are compassionate and immensely courageous.
    There are very few who can hold a candle to you!
    With deepest respect,
    Colette X

  273. I will write her soon. Chelsea Manning’s birthday is December 17th. Be sure to send nice words to her. I’m sure she needs it

  274. Hi Chelsea….Happy (belated)Birthday for 17th sweetie. The ordinary people of the world appreciate what you did for them. Merry Christmas and stay strong….the force is with you!



  275. Ms.Maning, I wish you get out of this horrible situation and that you would be recognised as the true Hero that you are by the whole world.
    And in one way or the other have a happy birthday despite this horrible situation that is forced upon you….
    Thank you for the real courages things you did.

  276. Hi Chelsea/Bradley….We, the thinking Australians love and appreciate what you have done….Your American Government was and is CORRUPT…Bush, Blair, and Howard are the REAL WAR CRIMINALS….and have collectively killed more Iraqis than Saddam Who Sucks….Hang in there Chelsea…Many happy returns on your birthday…You deserve your freedom…

  277. Please respect a person’s choice by referring to them with the correct pronoun that they identify with.

    Chelsea Manning has legally changed her name and gender, so please stop referring to her as “Mr.”, “He”, or “Bradley”. Such a little effort would make a huge difference to her.

  278. belated happy birthday chelsea all the way from denmark.your a real hero.and that can never be taken away from you.i hope you get your freedom soon and the praise you deserve from the whole world.

  279. I’ll write to her. Every week, while I still have breath in me. (I’m 60, and unlikely to see her released)
    (S)He* did wonders, but the hornets want their revenge.
    *She was known as ‘he’ then. That’s why.

  280. tanto amore e tanto rispetto dall’Italia! dear Chelsea, greetings hugs and love from Italy, hope to see you one day freed from jail! grazie, michele

  281. Having exp. the prison industrial complex I understand how dangerous & mentally challenging it can be on the strongest & independant of minds. And one of the few comforts inmates have are letters & commissary if they’re lucky. And while I’m not in the position to continually send money on monthly basis to Ms. Chelsea I can & have sent $20 as of this month & will cont. as long as it’s feasible. We have to cont. to express our concern & more importantly our gratitude to Chelsea for stepping up. Please ask the White House & POTUS to grant clemency which the President can do in his final days. Please cont. to put pressure on President Obama who said he would be lenient on whistleblowers while running for office in ’08. Keep ’em honest.

  282. Dear Chelsea,

    I read today in Common Dreams that you have been hospitalized. I hope you are well on your way to recovery. I hope that you will be freed soon. I’ve written to President Obama and asked him to pardon you, and I hope he will before he leaves office. You and Edward Snowden are true heroes, who spoke truth to power. Both of you pointed out corruption and anti-democratic actions of government. Never forget that you are well loved in America, and stay strong.

  283. Dear Chelsea,

    Just as other rare individuals in history, you are no longer merely a human. You are an emblem for the triumph of the spirit in extreme adversity.

    Never think that your life is anything but something profoundly precious that must be protected and nurtured.

    You acted in line with your conscience for the good of humanity at great risk, and you have done more than can even be adequately quantified.

    Please don’t ever quit brethren!

    In fellowship,


  284. Dear Chelsea,
    the price you have to pay for simply have said the truth is incredibily high. I admire you for your courage and hope you will soon be freed.

    Warmest support from France

  285. Dear Chelsea–We honor you and your moral sense. We need more of heroes like you, but we also need you here and working through this. Wishing you love, and healing, and all success. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  286. Dear Chelsea: I believe in her good and inocent soul.Stay well: you will be free.Thank you for make well at world.
    God cares you.
    Good lucky,

  287. Please know you have inspired so many of us with your courage, bravery, honesty and how you have handled these struggles. You are loved by many here who support you and are rooting for you and doing what we can to fight for your freedom. Thank you!

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