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Lauri Love Extradition Hearing, Day 2

Summary of day 2 of the extradition hearing of Lauri Love, 28 June 2016


  1. Lauri Love is a computer scientist from Stradishall in the UK who has a long history of political activism. He played a prominent role in the student and Occupy movements in Glasgow during 2011-12.

    Lauri is facing potential extradition to the United States for his alleged involvement in #OpLastResort, the series of online protests that followed the persecution and untimely death of Aaron Swartz. Effectively, he is being pursued by the US criminal justice system for allegedly protesting abuses of that same system, with prosecutors in three US court districts accusing Lauri of hacking into various government websites.

    For a summary of day 1 of Lauri's extradition hearing, click here.
  2. Testimony from Naomi Colvin, campaigner at the Courage Foundation

  3. Testimony from Jennifer Arcuri, founder of Innotech and CEO of My Hacker House