Voluntary Milking System Station

Suitable for:

Core benefits

  • Upgradability - peace of mind knowing that you can upgrade the system over time
  • Open design for maximum cow comfort
  • Manure plate/splash guard allowing for optimal milking area hygiene
  • Programmable automatic floor cleaning for enhanced hygiene
  • Smooth and seamless stainless steel surface for superior cleanability, hygiene and cow comfort for many years
  • Hydraulic powered arm
  • Ergonomic, interactive touchscreentouch screen
  • True ICAR approved milk monitoring and measuring for each teat
  • All stainless steel construction

The most advanced robotic arm

Our DeLaval VMS exclusive, hydraulic powered robotic arm provides extended reliability and reduces service requirements when compared to pneumatic systems. DeLaval VMS hydraulic arm is fast, quiet, robust and gentle. Its repetitive procedures are consistent too, just as the cows like it.

The arm is made of reinforced stainless steel to withstand the harsh environment. It handles teat preparation before milking (including optional pre-spray), attaches the teat cups, re-attaches if needed, aligns the milk tube and sprays the teats after milking. Optional pre-spray is also programmable.

The high performance teat visualization system has an optical camera coupled with dual lasers to help ensure fast and accurate teat localization for quicker and more dependable attachment rates. The DeLaval VMS truly sees the teats.

Modeled on a human arm’s flexible movement range, this multi-purpose arm easily accommodates high, wide or low udder irregularities and teats with an inclination of up to 45° on any axis. You can milk even more cows by taking advantage of the various attachment strategies. This flexibility benefits you by allowing more cows to be compatible with DeLaval VMS. Reducing expenses related to involuntary culling contributes to a more profitable dairy operation.

Optimum teat preparation

The teat preparation process is recognized as one of DeLaval VMS´ most attractive features. Each teat is individually cleaned with a sanitary solution of disinfectant, warm water and air, then stimulated, pre-milked and dried before milking. Only a few seconds are needed for optimum teat sanitation which results in high milk quality and better milking capacity.

The teat preparation cup has its own separate line so no dirty pre-milk ever makes contact with the main milk line. VMS adheres to the ‘golden rule of milking’ – only milk, clean, dry stimulated teats.

No compromise in milking hygiene

Several features are fully automated to save you time and keep the system running around the clock in the most hygienic condition. It starts with the integrated and floating splash guard automatically backing-up behind the cow to divert manure and urine away from the stall and milking area.

Programmable automatic rubber floor cleaning allows your cows to stand on a clean surface at all times, which when combined with optional in-floor grating provides the very best environment. All the cups are rinsed inside and out between each cow. The cups then face down so they can drain and stay free of debris that could otherwise fall inside. DeLaval VMS almost instantly detects any fall-offs and initiates retraction then rinsing of the teat cup before re-attaching, while other cups remain milking undisturbed.

There is an automatic teat disinfection after milking, with the possibility to select various operational modes. Automatic teat disinfection prior to milking is also a programmable option allowing you to further select the strategies by teat, by cow, by herd that best suits your needs.

Reliable robotic milking

The extreme duty stall provides perfect harmony between design and engineering. The robot arm, gates and robot frame are electro polished to give the station its unique, award-winning look and allows for easy cleaning. The rest of the station is made of either brushed or painted stainless steel which offers you the peace of mind you deserve.

We minimize the use of plastics to maximize the value of your investment over time. The station has an open design, offering you easy access to the cow and the option to attach manually. The stall has a stainless steel built-in floor and is bigger than previous versions to accommodate even your largest cows. For your cow’s safety and comfort, there is no bulky equipment under the cow during milking and she stands at ease in her ‘normal’ position on a slip-resistant rubber mat.

True quarter milking

Every quarter milks out differently. DeLaval VMS is equipped with one milk meter for each quarter to record time, yield, flow, conductivity and blood. The system’s management software gives you access to the status of each cow, to help you make the right decision at the right time.

Cows are individuals and DeLaval VMS treats them as such, without compromise.

Milk quality control

From the oil-free air compressor to the special teat cleaning cup and food grade stainless steel milk transfer lines – milk quality is prioritized in the DeLaval VMS. Four optical, quarter milk meters monitor deviations and abnormalities in flow rates, yields, conductivity and blood levels.

The DeLaval VMS allows you to adhere to the ‘golden rules of milking’- only clean, dry teats are milked.  The teat preparation cups individually cleans, preps, stimulates and dries each teat in a very effective manner while providing optimal comfort for the cow to stimulate maximal let down and flow rates during milking.  The preparation cup and associated system is entirely separate from the milk system side. This serves to further enhance your opportunity to harvest high quality milk.  For the cow that requires additional cleaning, this is also a programmable option, allowing you the opportunity to best align this system with your individual needs.

Abnormal milk can be automatically diverted away from the main tank, while the management software records all the data and events to facilitate your management decisions. Diversion can occur to four different positions remote from the VMS itself which reduces manual labor.

Designed with you in mind

Work smarter not harder. DeLaval VMS is designed to make your life and work easier. A touch-screen interface at the ergonomically designed milking station provides you with fast and intuitive control of the entire system.  The interactive touch screen mounted on the VMS gives you seamless control and monitoring of information, from the flow rate per teat to the location of a particular cow in the barn.

There is no need to manually program the teat coordinates when you introduce a new cow. With the Auto-Teach feature, the cow’s teat position is automatically identified and milking can proceed immediately to save you time. Often this feature will be used with second plus lacation, since the VMS already 'knows' the cow.

DeLaval VMS management software

DeLaval VMS DelPro herd management software is a powerful assistant that helps you make the best decisions at the right times. This fully integrated software gives you control over your cows, milking, cooling, feeding systems and so much more.

The Cow Monitoring tool is your main control panel. It easily and quickly identifies cows needing your attention based on KPIs and deviations such as milking interval, conductivity, blood, milk yield activity and more. This software can also help you manage cow traffic in the most efficient way.

Save even more time with the automatic adjustment of milking permissions based on time, expected yield, lactation number and DIM. The system’s software can transform your laptop computer or PDA into a wireless remote for even more control and independence. You can also access the DeLaval VMS system from any computer located in your house, office or anywhere you find most convenient. We call that peace of mind.