Tell the USDA: Stop deceptive meat labels

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to find meat that was produced in ways that won’t harm our health or the environment. In fact, most meat sold in supermarkets comes from factory farms, where animals are often raised in cruel, cramped and unsanitary conditions and routinely fed antibiotics or other drugs.

Even when meat is labeled as “humanely raised” or “sustainably farmed,” the truth is, it may still have come from a factory farm. That’s because the USDA lets companies mislead their customers with labels like these with little or no proof to back up their claims. 

But we have the power to push for a better system. We can eat less meat and more plants and increase demand for healthier, more sustainable and humane animal products.

Tell the USDA to require honest, transparent labels so we know how our meat was produced!

As a thank you, we'll send you a tip sheet with resources and meaningful label information to help you find better meat, eggs, and dairy that doesn't come from animal factories.

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