Kevin Warwick: Cyborg Life

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Uploaded by on Apr 14, 2008

In 1998, when Kevin Warwick, researcher and Professor of Cybernetics at the University of Reading, England, implanted a silicon chip transponder into his left arm and connected it to his nervous system, he became the world's first cyborg: a man-machine hybrid. Some call Kevin Warwick a pioneer in the field of neuro-surgical implantation, others think he is a dangerous scientist who has gone crazy and wants to change mankind's evolution by creating a superior race: the cyborgs. In this video interview we talk about ultra-sonic senses, brain-to-brain telepathic communication, the therapeutic benefits of his experiments and why he think's he won't be the only cyborg on this planet in the future.

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  • i want a robbot's waist and dick so i can pound my girl fast n i want to feel it

  • This is about augmenting human abilities beyond human limitations. If you think about it, we already do that. I can't shout hard enough to tell my friend who lives in another city if he wants to come see a movie, but I can call him on my smartphone. I use my car to travel at speeds far faster then i would if I was on foot. What if all these things were done with cyber implants? I suggest you watch the anime series, Ghost In the Shell. food for thought for those of you interested in what might be

  • Send Kyle Reese N O W !!!

  • 5:50 holy shiittt. i thought he was peeling off

  • hahahahahahahaha not funny

  • That is true, but integrated machines like this are the only way that we're going to improve ourselves as a species. Governments cannot control everything, it isn't too rare for labs to get funding from a company. I'm sure Apple or Microsoft would be ecstatic to get a share of the first neural interface that is open to the public.

  • Evolution of science and technology. The stuff like computers , pads , dvds, graphic cards, they take a time to have a money before realise it to everyone. It could exist many time before . A lot of science project was reject by govnements too because of there political views. Many scientist was murdered too.

  • No, evolution is too slow because there is no natural selection within society. Everyone is protected and allowed to reproduce. We created the system, so we find ways to better ourselves without having to have the weaker of us dying all of the time.

  • evolution is going too slow because they want it to control it.

  • I'm also cyborg of magnets. I'm a chick magnet!

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