The Terminator Studies Opening on Wednesday 21th September 2011

1984: The year of the Macintosh, Ronald Reagan Presidential Election and.. 'The Terminator' movie featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2011: As the so called "terminator scenario" is more and more envisaged, everyday is a validation of the fictional hypothesis from the movies.

From Foxconn replacing humans by androids to build new ipad, to Amazon enslaving humans, or Google suddenly taking control like "skynet", Fukushima occurring almost at the same date than the "rise of the machines" (aka T3) time-line, beetles mutate to resist the GMO corn, even James Cameron tried to save an amazonian tribe...

While hemp could save the world both from hyper-technology cancers and atomic radiations, will human be able to counter the vacuum cleaner conspiracy ?
or is the mobilephone our main threat ?

The Terminator Studies uses state of the art 'artificial artificial stupidity' to analyze and comprehend the situation through social networks and news feeds.

Terminator Studies is proposing an analytic grid and tools for researchers focused on multi verse theory and combining new age utopia with dystopian nofuture archeology, layering reality and fiction in the same matrix.

The Terminator Studies are probably the ultimate chance to save humanity.

The Californian Institute for Terminator Studies is based in San-Francisco, CA, and Paris,France .

This project is kindly supported by The Nofuture Institute and DICREAM™.

Opening Wednesday September 21th at 10.00 am Pacific Time