At the Creative Machines Lab we are interested in robots that create and are creative. We explore novel autonomous systems that can design and make other machines – automatically. Our work is inspired from biology, as we seek new biological concepts for engineering and new engineering insights into biology (video).


Dynamical Systems and Artificial Life Evolutionary Robotics and Computation Programmable Matter and Self-assembly
Amorphous Machines 3D Printing Design Automation and HCI

The Creative Machines Lab comprises researchers from the various disciplines of engineering, computer science, physics, math and biology. We look at self-organization and evolutionary phenomena, and their application to both engineering design automation and understanding the emergence of complexity in natural systems. We develop abstract models and applications in various domains as well as build working systems to test new ideas. There are still many open questions, but if these processes can be understood and harnessed, this will be the future of engineering. To learn more, watch our videos or click one of the pictures above. To stay in touch, follow us on Facebook.